Best Coyote Hunting Places in the USA
Best Coyote Hunting Places in the USA

Have you been thinking about where to hunt coyote of late? Then consider yourself lucky, as you have reached the right place for that. Did you know that the best part about hunting coyotes is that you get to keep yourself active during the off season? Interesting right?

So, if you have been contemplating to eliminate a few of these beasts, then you must be wondering what could the Best Places to Coyote Hunt in the USA. We have dedicated this entire post to explain to you all that and in detail. Just keep reading.

Locating and Hunting Eastern Coyotes

Names Of The Best Places to Coyote Hunt in the USA

  • Wyoming
  • Nebraska
  • Kansas
  • Colorado
  • Nevada

Yes, so if you are keen to know which is the best state for hunting, then there are a lot. However, if you are fascinated to know about the best place to hunt coyotes, then you better read this list right away:


You will find plenty of reflective eyes in this state to hunt. The state has sufficient open spaces that amount to something around 17.5 million acres. This along with the state’s administration together make wyoming coyote hunting an enjoyable sport.

Imagine pursuing a target with a shotgun of .223 caliber would be such fun. In addition to all this, you also get badgers and bobcats in this state.


Did you know coyotes are color blind? That is correct, they only see shades of subtle blues and gray. This makes them an ideal target for trappers, hound hunting, and calling hunting. Now, back to Nebraska that has a large number of coyotes.

However, the state needs you to have a license for outsiders for nebraska coyote hunting in general. Although, this rule does not apply to its residents for


You can find coyotes in Kansas all over and the fact that the whole of America looks at them negatively makes it easy prey. Even though they do not attack humans, yet news of the Trickster chasing humans, stalking small kids, and stealing livestock have spread widely.

The bottom line is these creatures are a threat and need to be managed without a second thought. How can you do so, depends on your ability, skills, and intelligence.


Coyotes are light, agile, and very fast, which makes The Road Runner Show a hit. Just kidding! Yes, they are cunning and sly, which is why they take refuge in dense forests. No wonder, coyote locations are not that easy to find. They hide and come out in the wee hours to hunt.

Not to mention, Colorado has too many national forests and this makes it a haven for tracking. Plus, with the cool weather owing to its alleviated location, hunting only becomes fun. Yes, but you need a furbearer or a small game license to hunt coyotes.

Speaking of colorado coyote hunting areas, it has to be revealed that Pawnee Grasslands are one of the best places for this sport. We hope that this discussion certainly answers the question where to hunt coyote in Colorado in a gist. Do tell us what more you know about coyote hunting colorado.


Mention has to be made about central coyote hunting in Nevada that it has a pretty good populace of this breed. You may contact the ranchers to help you look for nevada coyote hunting spots.

A few ranchers even allow you to hunt for coyotes even after the hunting season is over. This certainly tells us how menacing these fiends are like. You know what we remember this trip to a ranch in Nevada that made us feel as if we had the entire to ourselves!

Yes, and we did find them all over the place. It may be sad to know that there is no nevada coyote bounty, whereas other states have this facility.

FAQ: People Also Ask Coyote Hunting Places

What state has the highest coyote population? 

Coyotes are canine natives of North America. They are smaller than wolves, but they share the same predatory nature. Quite intriguingly, they have adapted and expanded on their own.

If you still have this question in mind – what state has the most coyotes, then we have the answer to this here. They can be found in abundance in all of the states mentioned above.

To be precise, you may find them in plenty in the state of Wyoming. The Cowboy State allows night hunting and this makes it a paradise for hunters.

What is the best month to hunt coyotes?

January through February is the time that you will find these notorious creatures in surplus. The cold months force them to come out and hunt even at times in the day. Not to mention, this becomes the most celebrated time for coyote hunters.

What US states have coyotes?

We have already discussed that in this post in the previous sections. Wyoming, Nevada, Nebraska, Colorado, and Kansas are the primary states that have a substantial population of coyotes.

The best part is even before you raise a query about best place to hunt coyotes in Utah, we will like you to know that the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources pays bounties as a reward for hunting coyotes! Isn’t that interesting?

What is the best gun for shooting coyotes?

If you want to keep your livestock safe, then you have to take down the predators. The coyote is a big-time pain in the wrong place and they have to be averted wreak havoc on your farms. For this, you may sort to firearms.

A few prominent ones are the. 308 Winchester, . 243 Winchester, and 22-250 Remington. They are a menace and have to be dealt with. There is no other option and you may show them mercy, but they are animals that will come back for your livestock when hungry. Think about it!

It seems you were not expecting any of these abovementioned places to be the Best Places to Coyote Hunt in the USA. Right? You probably are not the first to have been taken by surprise with this list. We too were, but now that you know, go for it. Happy hunting!

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