C-products gen-3 7.62 x39 magazines are famous for their flawless performance. They are easy to use and lightweight. Tactical shooting enthusiasts, military, law enforcement, and professionals like to use them. Professionals prefer these products for their reliability and stainless steel or aluminum bodies.

Remember, 7.62 x 39 magazine is astounding. The 5-round magazine is special because of its particular geometry and Teflon coating properties. The magazine features stainless steel construction to keep firing on cylinders with ammunition. Numerous manufacturers are preparing new AR rifles for this magazine.

Why Do You Need C-products Gen-3 7.62 x39 Magazines?

It is not bad to keep some additional magazines around to save loading time. Moreover, extra magazines become a backup if you forget to put a primary magazine. C-products magazines are designed in America with the best procedures and materials. They believe that magazines can increase the capabilities of a fireman.

Duramag produces the best and 100% reliable magazines. They perform quality checks throughout the procedure, such as welding, coating, heat treating, stamping, function testing, and final assembly. The C-products manufacturer is famous for producing quality aluminum and stainless steel magazines. They use their snap-on, anti-tilt design.

If you want a flawless performance, confidently buy Duramag AR magazine. These are from the Duramag innovators featuring a new anti-tilt snap-on follower to decrease clogs and jams. To decrease the friction coefficient, they use a black-T coating. You can get the advantage of worry-free shooting with this magazine.

Exclusive Features of C-products Gen-3 7.62 x39 Magazine

  • Advanced proprietary SS coatings
  • Companion to engineered geometry is their advanced proprietary coating. Overall, their advanced coatings contain Black-T, and these attach to the molecular level. They decrease the friction coefficient, offering a problem-free, smooth operation, extended service, and performance. You can get the advantage of exceptional lubricity. This magazine will work efficiently, even with the dullest ammunition on the earth. It will not jam.
  • Duramag is the best manufacturer using fully robotic and automated welding stations. For this reason, they can monitor and control each magazine welding. They ensure for dimensional correction of each welding. The company verifies the quality of each shift with a computer printout. Every magazine with a minor fault is immediately rejected.
  • Each CPD magazine features a new anti-tilt snap-on follower. The 0.20 gauge material is utilized in stainless steel to increase the dimensional interior room. It improves the appropriate stacking of rounds and reduces failure dramatically because of jams. No doubt, this is a superior magazine in the market.
  • In the package, you will get stainless steel, 7.62 x 39 AR magazine, and one sealed plastic bag.

The Best Alternatives for the C-Products Gen-3 7.62 x39 Magazines

# Duramag 7.62×39 Stainless Steel AR Magazine

Duramag 7.62x39
Duramag 7.62×39

C-products offers numerous products, such as GI-style M-4 and M16 aluminum-bodied magazines. These have an anti-tilt follower (green), moly disulfide lube coating, and stainless steel springs. They have an extended product line with several unique products. All the magazines are available at an affordable price.

# C Products Taurus .30 TCP Magazine With 6 Rounds

Taurus .30 TCP
Taurus .30 TCP

C products defense is committed to prepare reliable magazines with their state of the art technology. These magazines are famous among shooters because of their design and reliability. The manufacturer is dedicated to produce high-quality and dependable magazines on the market.

They understand the importance of reliable magazines; therefore, the manufacturer uses stainless steel and a bountiful passion for innovation. Everything is sourced in the USA.

# ASC 7.62 X 39 30-Round AR-15 Stainless Steel Magazine

Stainless steel magazines of ASC are reliable choices on the market. These have successful rifles available on the planet. Feel free to use these magazines with AR-15, M-15, and AK-47. The magazines are made of 100% stainless steel alloy. For the owners of AR-15 7.62mm, these magazines are important.

The magazine features an ultra-reliable and 30-round capacity. Its internal components are anti-tilt followers and CS (Chrome Silicone) springs to increase durability and strength. These magazines can improve the performance of AR-15 7.62mm rifles. It is heat-treated to increase durability and strength. Moreover, these magazines are successfully finished with proprietary Marlube of ASC for the best performance.


What Is a Magazine?

A magazine has great importance in the life of a gunman. It is a feeding device and ammunition storage attached to your firearm. These may be detachable (removable) or integrated into a firearm. Magazines are available in different sizes and shapes, such as tubular magazines on the rifle with lever-action. These magazines can hold several rounds.

Why Do You Need Magazines With Extended Capacity?

Magazines with extended capacity can increase the ability of the shooter to kill and injure several animals quickly. They allow individuals to fire without reloading repeatedly. A shooter will get more rounds to save time. 

How Many Magazines Should a Fighter Own?

People buy an AR15 for several reasons, such as sporting, hunting, home, and personal defense. For personal defense, you will need 2 magazines of 30 rounds each. If you want defense against oppression, make sure to buy 9 magazines of 30 rounds each. Hunting will be easy with 3 magazines.

Why Magazine Makes a Major Difference?

In a firearm, magazines have the simplest mechanism. For AR-15 rifles, these are becoming complicated according to the needs of civilian shooters, law enforcement, and military. You will need the best magazine to increase your efficiency. The best magazine can increase your efficiency.

If you want the best magazine, Duramag is the biggest brand. You can buy C-Products Gen-3 7.62 x 39 Magazines to increase the efficiency of your rifles. These are durable and reliable for everyone.

Final Verdict

Stainless steel AR15 magazines are necessary to save time and increase efficiency. No doubt, the AR 7.62 x 39 was troublemaking platforms. CPD focus on the redesigning of magazines, and the outcomes are amazing. They combine Teflon coating and stainless steel magazines to improve their efficiency.

There is no need to worry about your ammunition because c-products gen-3 7.62 x39 magazines keep firing. You can use them even in dirty ammunition. You can choose between 10, 20, 28, and 30 rounds as per your needs. 

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