The term ‘Watercolor’ denotes a painting medium within which color pigments are bound, insoluble agents. Originally, these binders were animal glues or certain sugars, however today the quality substance is gum. a range of additives can be used (eg. honey, glycerin) to extend plasticity and make alternative effects.

Watercolors area unit typically applied by sable or squirrel-hair brushes onto white tinted paper or card, though supports will cover the canvas, leather, and papyrus. In China and Japan,

watercolor art (known as a brush or scroll painting, or ink and wash) is that the universal painting medium, except that East Asian watercolorists, usually use solely black inks. Watercolor dries a lot of quicker than oil painting and permits the creation of finer, additional precise works of art.

Watercolors are an extremely versatile medium, they’ll be applied to everything from paper to canvas, stone, wood, and materials. several fine versions of watercolor paintings rendered on paper, manuscripts, maps, and miniatures will be found in our museums nowadays.

whereas watercolor painting dominated Asian art for thousands of years, in Western art it had been for the most part confined to preceding sketches till the late eighteenth century. In what’s currently remarked because the Golden Age of watercolor painting, artists from the school of English landscape raised the standing of watercolor painting to a significant and independent art form.

After reading all these wonderful facts about watercolors, you also must be dying to try out them right? Before trying out painting, you must know the best watercolors for your task. Here we will give short reviews about the top five best watercolor paints for beginners as well as the top five best watercolor paints for professionals. Read on to know more about them….

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Top 5 best watercolor paints for beginners

1. Winsor & Newton – Best beginners watercolor paint

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When you are ready to graduate to professional watercolor painting, this is one of your perfect travel kits. 14 half pans obviously give you extra paint, and are placed in a 5.2″ long case which opens up into a mini portable artist’s studio.

This makes a really great view. Cotman Water Colors has excellent features such as excellent tinting strength, good transparency, and good working properties. This renowned pocket-sized plastic kit features an integral mixing palette in the lid. The major features of the product
are as follows:

  • Moderate sized sponge for cleaning up the brushes and using to add texture to paintings.
  • Rich, vivid colors which don’t fade and don’t have that granulated texture that watercolor paints
  • Rich, vivid colors which don’t fade and don’t have that granulated texture that watercolor paints
  • A lot of palette surfaces
  • Water flask built is included in the lid
  • As they are of professional quality, you can mix up lots more colors to the generous half pan colors.

Sketchers Pocket Box Contains 14 assorted Cotman Water Color half pans & a pocket brush. This popular the pocket-sized plastic box features an integral mixing palette in the lid and contains: 1 x pocket brush, 14 x
Cotman watercolor half pans: cadmium yellow, Crimson Alizarin, lemon yellow, cadmium red pale hue, ultramarine, Emerald green, intense blue, sap green, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, burnt Umber, China white.
This is a splurge for people who want to use professional-quality paints on their fabulous trip through Italy, working artists, or anyone who is obsessed with using the highest-quality art supplies. So worth it.

2. U.S. Art Supply 36 Color

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This is an amazing watercolor set which is almost loved by all and is extremely user-friendly. The major features of the product are as follows:

  • These watercolors are perfect for the young/teen aspiring artist, as they are super fun as well as
  • easy and safe to use
  • A full rainbow set of 36 unique wonderful vibrant colors
  • As these are water-based colors and as a result, they blend & dissolve easily
  • Enjoyed by all students, teachers as well as kids, as they are amazing for doing arts and crafts
  • projects for schools/colleges.
  • Washable, non-toxic and suitable for children above 3 years

So, if you want a watercolor set which fits both adults as well as kids, this one is one of the perfect choices for you.

3. Watercolor Paint Set by Crafts 4 All 24 Premium Quality Paints

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Crafts 4 ALL artist quality watercolor paints are formulated using the best pigments accessible within the highest concentrations attainable. Using sensible pigments these colors supply wonderful transparency, good coloring strength, smart working properties, and lightfastness.

Beginners and artisans will indulge their power with our high-pigmented, quality set of paints that are designed to point out up dramatically against the watercolor paper, card, board, etc. Money-saving package of twelve-milliliter x twenty-four watercolor paint set covering the whole spectrum of color.

They can be cut with water for washes or used directly from the tube as a thicker bodied paint.  The paints are non-toxic and are contained incompressible, metal tubes. Pop your colors onto palettes and use a range of mediums, brushes, and surfaces to make an impressive impact.

They are Great for All Skill Levels and have High coverage. The colors are ready to turn out the very cleanest of mixes, color clarity, and brilliance.  

Bonus free paint brush set is also enclosed. three paint brushes enclosed to get making your masterpieces immediately as our paint set comes. Perfect to add up to your painting kit collections! The major features are briefly described below:

Lasting vibrant colors – this nontoxic watercolor paint set comes with a color palette comprising twenty-four lovely, very vivid and enticing shades. With a bonus, three free paint brushes enclosed within the watercolor paint kit can place your creative talent into fine crafts masterpiece.

Ultimate performance for any artist – highest premium quality raw materials are specially chosen to manufacture our premium quality watercolor paint set that beat out the numerous alternatives within the market. They’re unambiguously developed to bring out the utmost brilliance and color clarity with a buttery consistency for simple commixture and mixing.

Ultimate art kit – these artist quality watercolor paints are made from top quality artists’ pigments creating them each lightfast associate degreed permanent and that they contain an exclusive binder that produces additional pigment in each brushstroke, whereas retaining the best qualities of ancient watercolor

Color blending – this watercolor paint is meant to be delicate and numerous, with a sleek, mixing capability that may deliver light-weight or dark colors with simply a drop of water. These paints won’t dissolve or become dull. Ideal for projects of all sizes.

4. Dainayw Watercolor Paint Set, 48 Professional Paints

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These watercolors are marvelous to work with the brushes are nice they don’t leak and are extremely versatile. there’s a good variation within the colors and that they all look the manner you’d expect.

The pans and tray are nice and this lasts for a protracted time and that they mix well even once in use with bad paper. nice for beginners and midlevel skills! the colors are vivacious and extremely pigmented.

Paints don’t seem to be chalky at all and therefore the color range is superb. It comes with forty-eight X Watercolor Cake colors, a pair of X Water Brush, a pair of X Sponges X Mixing Palette.

Major features and advantages are briefly mentioned below:

  • Lightweight, and miniature size, but ready to turn out massive and skilled work.
  • The size makes it good for journeys, hiking, and fast setup and cleanup reception.
  • Tiny pallet enclosed, will paint all day while not having to worry concerning cleanup.
  • Only the water required is within the brush and lasts forever reckoning on the size of the paper.
  • The top is often used as a little rack for painting.
  • Portable field sketch kit to be used on the go or at home. Palette may be removed and placed anyplace accessible for left and right-hand painters
  • Each pan is removable and may be refilled together with your color of alternative. ne’er get a brand-new set of pans again!
  • High-quality watercolor – colors are made of a concentrated dose of finely ground pigments for an artist quality end. glorious transparency, coloring strength and intensity for lasting performance. immune to weakening and discoloration from direct daylight, simple to mix colors and fast to dry, Non-toxic (ASTM tested)
  • Satisfaction guaranteed! Ideal for college students, hobbyists and skilled painters of all talent levels
  • This Watercolor set will bring the foremost appreciated gift for each creator and customarily everybody that loves painting! nice also for Birthdays, Christmas & all other Holidays!

5. Artists Loft 36 Color Fundamental Watercolor Pan Set

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This package of one of the best watercolor paints helps you create beautiful works of art. This paint is comprised of a wide spectrum of bright colors which are totally water-soluble.

The set is for anyone, be it student, adult or teacher who wants to play with different watercolors and is opting for a great value of money. This Water-soluble Excellent beginner set contains 36 watercolor cake colors Natural hair brush.

These watercolors are not wimpy. They can be as transparent or as opaque as you want them to be. The pigment and color are very rich. There’s no chalky or grainy feel to them after they are dry.

There’s even a little paintbrush that comes in this set. The colors bleed very well in wet washes as you want them to or if you wish you can use less water and have perfect control over the medium.

For a cheap watercolor pan, these work fantastically. Almost all of the colors are vibrant, and if not, you just need to find the right water to color ratio to have more pigment.

Try them on dry watercolor paper using a wet tip on my brush. Some of the most beautiful colors are dark purple, sky blue, dark brown, and orange. The red is not so dark but you can get a better, deeper shade by mixing some brown in it.

Yes, the colors are a little chalky but that doesn’t really matter. As long as you’re not going to be rubbing things directly on the paper or crinkling, the colors stay perfectly fine. Overall, they’re great, cheap too!

The major highlights of this product are:

  • Water-based colors that dissolve and blend easily
  • 36 vibrant rich watercolors
  • Excellent for card making, illustrations, painting, calligraphy and more
  • For beginners and professionals
  • Acid-free, washable, non-toxic and suitable for ages 12 and over

Top 5 best watercolor paints for professionals

1. Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Set – Best for Professionals

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The PROMOABI by Apple Barrel has 18 wonderful paint colors which will allow you to create amazing colorful paintings on different types of surfaces.

These colors dry quickly, glide on smoothly, and also stays beautiful as the first day they were painted. The paints can be stamped, brushed, stenciled or sponged and can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

Apple Barrel 2 oz Paint-Best Selling Colors Contain eighteen-2oz bottles in various colors which are as follows:

White, Black, Flag Red, Jack-O-Lantern, Bright Blue, Melted Chocolate, Nutmeg Brown, Bright Yellow, New Shamrock, Bimini Blue, Purple Iris, Too Blue, Holly Branch, Fuchsia, Yellow Flame, Pewter Grey, Bright Magenta, and Parrot Blue.

The striking features of this one of the best watercolor paints are pointed out below:

  • Formulated to be used on all surfaces including wood, plaster, terra cotta, and tin
  • Quality selection and price
  • You can brush, stamp, stencil or sponge it
  • These colors dry quickly, glide on smoothly, and additionally stays stunning as the initial day they were painted
  • Deep, rich tones dry to a soft matte effulgence
  • Can be simply cleaned with soap and water
  • All-purpose acrylic craft paint is water-based, non-toxic and dries to a sturdy end

2. DANIEL SMITH 285610005 | 6 Tubes, 5ml

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DANIEL SMITH is the Innovative Manufacturer of lovely Watercolors for Artists Worldwide makes the biggest range of watercolors of any manufacturer, over 240 colors.

The 240+ color assortment includes the exciting primates watercolors made of minerals (like Amethyst) and alternative distinctive colors (like Moonglow) not on the market elsewhere and light Watercolors which permit artists to capture the light colors that exist in nature that regular watercolors cannot capture!

DANIEL SMITH Watercolors are developed to satisfy and exceed the highest trade standards for the manufacture of artist’s paints, and each batch created is tested and analyzed for its performance qualities.

DANIEL SMITH is actually the worldwide leader of watercolors for artists with 240+ stunning colors within the 15ml watercolors, the foremost of any manufacturer.

Several are traditional colors relied upon by all artists, and there are several “truly unique” colors created solely by DANIEL SMITH that became thus necessary to watercolor artists.

DANIEL SMITH Watercolors are a top favorite of artists across the world, from skilled artists to the beginning watercolorists owing to the attractive colors, consistent performance, and lasting color or lightfastness.

DANIEL SMITH Watercolors are packed with prime quality pigments exploitation pure gum arabic as the binder – no fillers. For each & every color, DANIEL SMITH selects the right grind to yield particle sizes that maximize the qualities within the pigment, balancing most pigment load with minimum vehicle content.

Major features:

  • The DANIEL SMITH essentials Watercolor Set has six, 5ml watercolor tubes that are simply the correct size to induce started painting with DANIEL SMITH Watercolors for each the beginner and skilled artist. The set provides artists a straightforward thanks to expertise the thrill of painting with DANIEL SMITH Watercolors, is handily sized to take along for plain air painting and makes a nice gift!
  • The essentials Set has 3 amazing primary colors: Hansa yellow light, Quinacridone Rose, and Phthalo Blue (GS), and 3 warm primary colors: New Gamboge, Pyrrol Scarlet, and French ultramarine.
  • With the half-dozen colors within the set, you’ll be able to combine an enormous range of alternative colors as well as the secondary oranges, greens, and violets. Once mix these half-dozen essential colors in numerous combos, you’ll be able to paint landscapes, still life, portraits…whatever you choose!
  • Mixing colors is one among the foundations of painting, and DANIEL SMITH has created painting simply by choosing for you, these half-dozen colors. Now go start painting with the DANIEL SMITH Watercolor essentials Set!

3. Sennelier L’Aquarelle French Honey Based Watercolor Paint

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The Sennelier eighteen half Pan Watercolor set is galvanized by the bright and spirited palette of Southern France. every set contains high-quality French Artists Watercolor with an integral palette at intervals a compact and durable metal case.

Reformulated with an inflated honey content that ends up in incomparable brilliance and brightness whereas acting as a preservative to increase the paint’s longevity. The striking features of this awesome watercolor paint are as follows:

Long-Lasting Color: inflated quantity of Honey in the paint reinforces the longevity of the colors, their radiance, and brightness. The gum acacia and honey combination offer an incomparable quality of the application and produces very good washes. it’ll provide you with gorgeous brilliance and smoothness to your design.

Incredible Value: Get an extra 6 colors with the twelve-color palette for a total of eighteen. Colors enclosed are lemon yellow (501), French Vermillion (675), alizarin crimson (689), Carmine (635), Dioxazine Purple (917), Phthalocyanine Blue (326), Ultramarine Deep (315), Forest green (899), Phthalo. Greenlight (805), Burnt sienna (211), warm Sepia (440), Payne’s grey (703), Naples Yellow Deep (566), raw umber (205), Venetian red (623), Bright Red (619), Cinereous Blue (344), ivory black (755).

Uses high-quality Ingredients: For more than a century, Sennelier produces its beautiful watercolor palette using the best pigments and high-quality Kordofan gum acacia as a bonding agent. This mixture of natural ingredients produces colors that have smooth, bright texture and offer spirited, colorful shades. Pigments are wet in purified water (with no mineral salts) to bring out the full beauty of the colors.

Versatile Metal Palette: The metal palette is simple to use and keep clean (just use dishwashing soap and water). The palette has 2 leaf items. One leaf fold on high of the paint and therefore the other folds over as a lid. this allows you to keep any mixes you’ll need to use again without damaging the watercolor palette. Paints square measure removable and can be reorganized the way you prefer it.

Excellent for Layers/Glazing: Pigments are ground finer and lends to mixing well. simply get the shadows you wish while not having to overwork your piece. Smooth, intense colors are a real pleasure to color with and accurately translate the variety of sunshine form and hues.

4. Winsor & Newton Professional Water Color Piccadilly Box

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Winsor & Newton Professional Water Color offers artists the widest and most balanced selection of pigments with the best potential duration. The brilliance, transparency, and purity of color are unequaled to the other watercolor.

When Henry Newton and William Winsor introduced the primary moist watercolors to the world in 1832, much of the name for supreme quality has stemmed from the Professional Water Color range. Since then professional Water Color continues to be developed and made in step with their founding principles.

Every color among this wide and balanced spectrum of colors has been selected and developed to supply the best alternative so artists will use a singular palette that most closely fits their work.

This wood box with polished brass plaque contains eighteen x half pans of professional Water Color, one x 5ml tube of Chinese White, a pair of x Series sixteen Sable Brushes, one x porcelain Palette, one x Artists’ Sponge and one x Kneader eraser.

Striking features of this watercolor:

  • Amazing transparency
  • Sheer brilliance
  • The purity of color is incomparable to any other watercolor

5. Rembrandt Watercolor Metal Deluxe Set of 48 Half Pans

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They are extremely professional quality watercolors which are made from the purest gum Arabic and pigments. Rembrandt brand watercolors feature brilliant and constant colors, maximum transparency, and the highest lightfastness as they feature in the best watercolor paint brands of the world. They are Made in Holland of only the best materials.

This set contains 48 pans which includes colors such as 503 French Ultramarine, 506 Ultramarine Deep, 508 Prussian Blue, 511 Cobalt Blue, 620 Olive Green, 623 Sap Green, 645 Hooker Green Deep, 662 Permanent Green, 668 Chrome Oxide Green, 675 Phthalo Green, 208 Cadmium Yellow Light, 207 Cadmium Yellow Lemon, 210 Cadmium Yellow Deep, 211 Cadmium Orange,

238 Gamboge, 336 Permanent Madder Lake, 339 Light Oxide Red, 366 Quinacridone Rose, 378 Transparent Oxide Red, 403 Vandyke Brown, 408 Raw Umber, 409 Burnt Umber, 411 Burnt Sienna, 416 Sepia, 426 Transparent Oxide Brown, 701 Ivory Black 522 Turquoise Blue, 532 Mauve, 534 Cerulean Blue, 567 Permanent Red Violet, 568 Permanent Blue Violet, 303 Cadmium Red Light, 311 Vermillion, 108 Chinese White, 227 Yellow Ochre, 234 Raw Sienna,

242 Aureoline, 265 Transparent Oxide Yellow, 306 Cadmium Red Deep, 314 Cadmium Red Medium, 318 Carmine, 576 Phthalo Blue Green, 583 Phthalo Blue Red, 585 Indanthrene Blue, 615 Emerald Green, 616 Viridian, 708 Payne’s Gray, and 715 Neutral Tint.

So, we discussed the best watercolor paints for beginners as well as the best watercolor paints for professionals. The featured products in our review were from the best watercolor paint brands across the globe. So, whether you are a professional or an amateur, you may choose any of the above products and start reliving your dream in the world of watercolor paints!

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