Did you know that shooting rabbits can be quite testing? It takes a toll on your mental as well as physical health. This kind of hunting may not seem as glamorous as the others, but it is no joke as well. So, are you up for it?

Okay, these creatures are very fast, they run, move up and down the burrow hole, and also bolt a lot. So, you have to keep up with them and also must find out the best time to hunt rabbits.

If you have no clues as to what time it, then do not worry we have got you covered. We would say, it is spring. Hey, wait there is more, let us explain it to you. Just keep reading.

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how to find rabbits

When Is Best Time To Hunt Rabbits?

Alright, Elmer Fudd has never been able to capture Bugs Bunny! No, you don’t want to follow in his footsteps. His track record with Bugs has been quite questionable. Jokes apart, honestly speaking, catching these timid creatures is no easy task.

Getting back to your query, as to when is the best time to hunt rabbit, we already said spring is the time. This is because rabbits like to hide in bushes, tall grasses, and forbs. Yes, it is a behavior-based pattern and that is something you must keep in mind.

Another time would be late fall (first frost) and if you hunting with Fido, then early morning could be a good time. Your canine friend can pick up the scent right away and you can go for that perfect kill. You can use a shotgun or try bowhunting rabbit, which will add to your experience.

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Why Hunt Rabbits?

Oh, they are so cute and lively. Why do you hunt these tiny little creatures? Asked a spouse of our team member. Well, there is no specific answer to this, and all we can say is this:

  • They are a menace to our vegetation
  • These may look demure; but are a pest in reality  
  • They can breed 5 times a year
  • That is quite annoying as they multiply quite quickly
  • They create burrows which can cause a lot of trouble, like, think in the lines of broken bones and massive bruising
  • They make a tasty meal
  • Children learn hunting by harvesting rabbits
  • Rabbit hunting is a fast paced, but an easy sport

Yes, When Does Rabbit Season Start?

Officially, the time starts from the beginning of November and continues till the end of February. It starts a bit early, but most hunters wait for this time; so that the ground gets covered with snow. The pug marks make it easy for them to follow the trail.

This part of our discussion clarifies how to find rabbits at one go. Isn’t it? It certainly takes out the guessing game for this question – when to hunt rabbits or is it rabbit season.

FAQ: People Also Ask About Best Time To Hunt Rabbits

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