A List of Best Time To Hunt Coyotes
A List of Best Time To Hunt Coyotes

Have you been pestered by coyotes and now want to get rid of them? We know they can be annoying and a big threat to your livestock. This is the primary reason why most people go hunting for this Trickster. Although, some continue owing to the extended hunting season, yet we can say that the craze for coyote hunting has suddenly amplified.

There is another requirement that most hunters want to find an answer to that of the best time to hunt coyotes. The straight answer to this question is – the months of January and February are most favorable for harvesting coyotes. There we have said it and it is out, if you think this ends here, then you are highly mistaken. 

Read this post until the end to get a clear picture. Don’t worry, we have covered all your queries here.

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When To Go Coyote Hunting?

The Best Time To Hunt Coyotes Revealed

In general, animals find it a little challenging during the winters to survive. They are often cold, hungry, and need to keep warm. At times they have to walk for miles to get food and this is the time that calling helps. The same applies to coyotes also, this makes coyote hunting a sport for some. 

Besides, you may also consider the time from January through February as an expedient time to catch a coyote. They mate during this time and that certainly makes it quite a strategic time for callers at least. We will discuss all that in detail in the next segment, so keep reading.

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What Would Be The Best Times To Call Coyotes?

A major reply to this question about how to call coyotes can be resolved saying all you need is an electronic caller, an open reed howler, or a diaphragm howler. That is correct, using these can help you attract the predator. 

The point is the gray wolf may be mating at this time, for which they need more food to remain active. Hence, as soon as they hear their prey crying for help, they become vulnerable. There is no need to explain that this could be the best time to coyote hunt. You see them running around in search of that food and that a good time to come through. 

We would suggest you make a few yips and whines. Remember to pause while making these distress calls. This will make it sound natural and will not raise any suspicions. You will be able to lure them to your call and then own the show.

What say? Sounds easy, but for a first-timer, it may need some practice. Hey, we are being honest here!

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FAQ: People Also Ask

When is the best time to hunt coyotes?

There are no doubts about when is the best time to hunt coyotes. A simple answer to this is night. However, you must also know that coyotes are most active at dawn and dusk.

Therefore, night hunting is the popular choice of hunters. As far as, the season is concerned, winters are an ideal time. You will see a surge in coyote hunting in January and February.

What time of day are coyotes most active?

To be specific, as mentioned above coyotes are nocturnal animals by behavior. This is why you will find them in force around daybreak and nightfall.

Nonetheless, you sometimes may find them in the day time when it starts to get cold. So, if you want to know exactly when are coyotes most active, then this must be the essence of it.

What time do coyotes come out?

So, when do coyotes come out? This is a big question for most beginners and we are here to solve this mystery too.

They are nocturnal, which means they come out at night and this resolves the inquiry when do coyotes hunt as well.

In this case, they are more visible during the wee hours of the early morning or after sunset. Yes, this implies that they are more into hunting at night.

How to call coyotes with electronic caller?

Finally, we have reached a point where people want to know how to call coyotes? Well, we would recommend you use the call of a fowl, house cat, or a whitetail fawn on your electronic caller. What we would advise you to do here is to take a break of 2 or 3 minutes in-between your call. 

Yes, utilizing the best coyote call to lure them is a good idea especially during the winter months. They are hungry, tired, and look for warmth which makes them keen to make mistakes. Make the most out it!

Is it better to hunt coyotes in the morning or evening?

The best time of day to hunt coyotes as said is early morning when they are most active. For this, you have to go hunting pretty early. Then you may also opt to go after them at the end of the day that could also be beneficial for you. 

The fact is you can harvest coyotes at any time of the day. It is your preference and convenience that would help you decide the time. Early morning and after sunset is just the prime times. It is for you to take a call.

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The Truth About Coyote Hunting

Alright, there is another intention for trapping coyotes during the winter months and that is their fur. This is an additional benefit of harvesting coyotes, as there is a demand for fur during this time. Coyotes have a thick coat that keeps their body warm. 

Not to mention, their fur qualifies for major fashion houses that can bring you some extra cash. Think about why would people select winter months as the best time to hunt coyotes otherwise? There has to be a bigger reward to it and this is that compensation, which makes coyote hunting a great sport.

To be honest, catching them is an honor and will make you earn a badge in some states as well. Others will pay you a bounty and you may sell off the fur to make a fortune. Yes, it is both interesting and paying as a sport. This pretty much explains why the craze for coyote hunting has exceedingly increased.

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