If you are a DIY (Do It Yourself) person, do you think there’s a better tool than a staple gun for small repairs and adjusting?

Unlike the office paper stapler, you will be able to staple materials such as wood, plastic, rubber and much more. Your ability is only going to be limited by the stapler’s size and power.

Whether you’re a crafter, or you simply do repairs around the house, the stapler gun can make a job easier and faster. However, there are a few different types of best staple guns and in this post, I will review different types of staplers.

Review of Best Staple Gun 2019

#1. BOSTITCH T6-8 Heavy dutyBest Manual Staple Gun

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Bostitch has patented easy mechanism so pulling the trigger isn’t going to be hard and it’s great for all sorts of environments.

It has a specific yellow color and it’s made out of aluminum so there won’t be any problems with the staplers’ durability. Outside of the stapler is rubberized so it isn’t slippery once your hands get sweaty during a hot day.

Unlike other staplers, Bostitch has 7-year warranty thanks to the flawless mechanism inside and it might be priced higher than other staplers, but it’s really worth the investment.

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#2. Stanley TRE550Z Brad Nail GunBest Electric Staple Gun

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Stanley electric staple gun has outstanding power with a heavy-duty which helps to deliver the power.

It has a high or low setting for use which depends on the material you’re going to staple, and thanks to the anti-jam system, you will get the job done in no matter time.

Contoured shape and grip will make sure that the stapler sits in your hand comfortably for better precision, and there’s also an indicator which will let you know when you need to reload.

It comes with 8 feet power cord which is great for any environment.

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#3. WEN 61720 3/4-InchBest Pneumatic Staple Gun

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With this stapler, you will comfortably be able to shoot staples from 3/4 to 2 inches in length, with the ability to operate the stapler from 60  to 100 PSI.

Aluminum body will give you the lightweight feeling for better comfort and easier grip. It can hold up to 100 brads at once and in the case of jamming, the quick-release feature will make the jam cleaning process easier.

A simple indicator on the side of the staple gun will make it easy for you to know when to reload.

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#4. Porter-Cable US58 – Best Upholstery Staple Gun 2019

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The small and lightweight body will make your jobs easier than any other staple gun while you will be able to use brads from 3/8 inch up to 5/8 inch long.

For limited clearance fastening, you will have the 1″ nose extension. The Porter-Cable US58 is made out of quality, durable steel material which will make sure that the staple gun lasts for long.

In the case of jams, they’ll be easily cleared once the magazine is opened. From the bottom, you will also be able to load up to 185 staples in the magazine.

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Difference between 3 Types Of Staple Guns

As you might have learned already, there are three most common types of staple guns which are:

  • Manual Staple Gun
  • Electric Staple Gun
  • Pneumatic Staple Gun

Each staple gun has the same goal, yet it works in a different way and each type has its advantages or disadvantages. Mostly, the main difference between these three types is the power source used to operate the staple gun.

Manual staple guns: require arm power to pull the trigger because they work in a manual way. The advantage is that you can take the manual staple gun anywhere without worrying about the cords. But, on the other hand, it might get your arm tired after a while and it might not have the power to nail every staple perfectly. It’s mostly used for light work uses.

Electric staple guns: obviously need electricity in order for them to work. The source can come from the cord, or from the battery. Electric staple guns are the most favorite type of stapler guns to many people because it doesn’t require a lot of power to work with it. It requires a little amount of pressure to trigger the staple gun. It’s great for heavy-duty projects and it won’t leave your hand sore after a while.

Pneumatic staple guns: need an air source in order to be used. However, one thing it has in common with electric staple guns is that it also requires a little amount of strength to shoot the nails. It won’t leave your arm sore as well, and it’s great for heavy-duty projects, but also for recreational users. However, the only disadvantage that might be is the power source needed in order to be used, when with the manual stapler guns you won’t need a power source, yet only your arm strength.

Important Features To Look Out For a Best Staple Gun of 2019

Anti-jamming Mechanisms

Some staple guns have the capacity to be loaded with up to 100 nails at once, to help you work faster and that your work is done smoother.

However, it can be a real problem once it gets jammed. Not only it would waste your time, but it would stop all of your work at one point.

That’s why it’s good to look out for an anti-jamming mechanism which gives you the ability to simply open the staple magazine and clean it in just a few seconds.

Nail-depth Adjustments

Whether you are only working around the house, or you even work on some bigger heavy-duty projects, a nail-depth adjustment is a great option for many reasons.

For different projects you will need different nail depth sizes, so the staple gun doesn’t shoot the nail deep through your material.

With nail-depth adjustment feature, you will get the ability to adjust nail-depth individually for each project you are working on. Without this feature, it might be tricky to staple some nails in some spots where it could do more damage than good.

It’s definitely a feature which is worth looking out for to prevent overdriving the nails.

Nail Size Adjustments

Nail size adjustment is a very useful feature which I would highly recommend you to look out for, but it’s not necessary.

It’s not a feature for manual staple guns, however, it’s a feature for electric or pneumatic staple guns. With most of the electric or pneumatic guns, you will get the ability to choose the nail size by dials, to shoot a wide range of different sizes.

This feature is as useful as the nail depth adjustment is because you will get the ability to use different sizes for different situations and materials.

Swivel Tube

Swivel tube is a great feature for pneumatic staple guns. It’s going to protect your tube from getting tangled up. It also makes reloading your pneumatic gun way easier than ever before.

Instead of twisting the hose to attach your pneumatic staple gun to the air compressor, you twist the swivel adapter instead of the hose. It will prevent your hose from breaking and it will also make it last longer when the swivel tube is used.

It’s not a necessary feature, however, if you have gone with the pneumatic stapler, it might make your job a lot easier.

Important Safety Tips

A staple gun is a simple machine to make your work around or inside the house a lot easier, but it can be a very dangerous tool at the same time.

If you don’t handle the staple gun properly, no matter which type it is, you might end up injured.

Some of the staple guns might have the safety feature, and I wouldn’t recommend you to turn them off ever. Also, a staple gun comes with a manual, which you should definitely go through to understand what you can and what you can’t do with it.

Never point the tool at anyone, and obviously not at yourself. Also never carry a staple gun with your finger on the trigger, because that’s the easiest way for an accident to happen.

Never assume that the staple gun is empty, and always handle it like it’s fully loaded. Pay attention to the environment around you when you’re using the stapler as well.


Staple guns are an inexpensive way to replace your hammer and nail usual jobs.

They come in three different types, and while some of the people prefer manual type, if you don’t think you’re strong enough for it – I would always suggest you electric or pneumatic one.

It also depends on the load and type of work you mostly need to do. But no matter which type of stapler you decide to use, always use it safely and maintain it properly in order for a staple gun to last for long.

Which types of staple guns do you like the most? Have you ever had any bad experience?

Feel free to comment down below and share your opinion about best staple guns, but also feel free to ask any questions you might have and I’ll be there to help you out.

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