In Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, and many other states in the United States of America, it is a legal requirement to have mufflers fitted in your vehicle.

Apart from the legal requirement, you also need to enjoy your ride without noise interruptions. When you fine-tune your engine, you want it to sound fine-tuned by making sure that the exhaust regulates the sound that comes out.

Some people not only want their vehicles to sound quieter. They want a particular sound to come out of their car’s exhaust.

All these are possible when you install the best mufflers in your vehicle. In this review, I have done the research, and I want to provide you with a list of the best mufflers for your v8 truck. Follow this review to the end and get informed.

Comparison of 5 Best Sounding Muffler 2020

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The Best Sounding Muffler for v8 Truck – Reviews

1. Dynomax 24250 – Best Sounding Muffler for v8 Truck

  • It is designed for cars with limited space
  • The straight-through construction reduces restriction in the exhaust flow
  • The welded design guarantees durability
  • The CRF technology which offers sound reduction

Dynomax 24250 is the type of muffler you need if you are looking for a compact and lightweight design. The muffler measures 9.2 x 4 x 4 inches in dimensions and weighs only 2.5 pounds.

If you are looking for that deep race tone on your v8 truck, then you should go for this 2450.

The muffler comes with a 100% welded design, which guarantees that the muffler will last for a long time. Plus, the stainless steel construction also makes it durable and adds some sleek look to your v8.

Another essential feature is that it comes in a straight-through design that ensures there is no restriction in the exhaust. This also helps to reduce backpressure. The CRF technology offers you up to 4 dbA sound reduction and also absorbs any unwanted interior resonance.

The Good (What I Like)

The Dynomax 24250 mini muffler is suitable for vehicles with limited space because it has a compact design. It has a sleek design that adds some touch of class to your car.

The Bad (What I Don’t Like)

They have a raspy and crispy sound at the start

  • Lifelong durability because of the 100% welded design
  • It has a deep performance tone
  • The product comes with a straight-through design that reduces restriction
  • The steel construction increases durability and gives it a sleek design
  • The CRF technology absorbs the unwanted interior resonance
  • It has a deep sound but not loud enough

2. Cherry Bomb 87522 Glasspack Muffler

  • The unique Cherry Bomb sounds
  • Red attractive color
  • Universal design
  • Easy to weld on your car

The Cherry Bomb 87522 allows you to hit the road and demand respect. With its signature deep cherry bomb sound, the product makes you stand out among the others.

It has a straight-through construction that ensures that there is no restriction in the exhaust flow. This also minimizes back pressure and maximizes the performance of your engine.

The product offers you a header and fitting styles that are universal. As such, you do not have to worry about the muffler not fitting in your car. It also guarantees you of maximized horsepower.

Cherry Bomb 87522 weighs 3.37 pounds and has a compact design. Its design is the standard size that fits in many vehicles.

The Good (What I Like)

The red color makes the muffler attractive. Plus, it has a durable finishing. The universal design and standard size make it fit in most vehicles.

The Bad (What I Don’t Like)

The muffler is noisy

  • The product is long-lasting due to the finishing
  • The red color makes the muffler beautiful and an excellent addition to your car
  • It comes in a straight-through design that minimizes restrictions and maximizes performance.
  • Cherry Bomb 87522 has a universal design that fits your v8 truck and can fit many other vehicles.
  • It is easy to weld on
  • It is not the quietest muffler you can get

3. Flowmaster 9430452 Super 44 Muffler

  • Aluminum steel construction
  • Two chambers design
  • MIG welded body
  • Powerful, rich tone

The Flowmaster 9430452 muffler has a heavy gauge aluminum steel construction that makes it highly durable. The fully MIG-welded body also enhances the product’s durability.

This muffler offers you a rich and powerful tone that will have your peers turn their heads in admiration. The four-inch case street muffler is the most aggressive and deepest sounding and offers you optimum performance for your v8 truck.

It has a race-proven patented delta technology, interior resonance, and no internal packing to blow out. The muffler has recently undergone improvement to two chambers, which increases its performance.

The Good (What I Like)

The product has two chambers, which maximizes performance. It also has a heavy gauge aluminum design that makes it long-lasting

The Bad (What I Don’t Like)

It is too loud, especially when you put your foot down on the pedal.

  • The heavy-duty aluminum steel construction and the MIG welded body make the muffler long-lasting.
  • The product offers you a powerful and rich tone
  • The two chambers maximize the performance of the muffler
  • The interior sound is not so loud to prevent you from having a conversation
  • It has an elegant design
  • The muffler can be too loud especially when you press your foot on the pedal
  • Users complain that the muffler rusts off in a short time and can even fall off on the highway.

4. Thrush 17649 Welded Muffler

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One aesthetic appeal to the Thrush 17649 design is that it comes with the Thrush logo embossed on the muffler’s surface. The stainless steel construction also makes it sleek.

The muffler has a sturdy stainless steel construction that guarantees you of its durability. The two chambers design offers you a deep and aggressive sound. This design also improves airflow within the exhaust system, which enhances the performance of your truck.

It is available in 19 inches overall length and three-inch inlet and outlet.

Thrush 17649 highlights

  • Two-chamber configuration
  • High temperature metallic stainless steel design
  • Embossed Thrush logo

The Good (What I Like)

The two-chamber construction increases airflow in the chamber, which improves the overall performance of your engine.

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The Bad (What I Didn’t Like)

If you use it on other vehicles apart from the v8 truck, the sound may be hollow.

  • It has an aesthetic and sleek design with the Thrush logo embossed on it
  • The high temperature rust-resistant stainless steel construction makes it long-lasting
  • Thrush 17649 comes with a two-chamber configuration that allows airflow, which consequently leads to high performance.
  • The straight-through design minimizes back pressure and resistance
  • It has an aggressive and deep sound
  • The muffler is not suitable for a commuter car as it is very noisy

5. Flowmaster 817568 Direct-Fit Exhaust System

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The Flowmaster 817568 is for you if you want your performance to be heard, but you do not want something very loud. This is because these mufflers offer you a moderate interior and exterior tone.

The mufflers stand out from the rest as they come with hangers and connections. This makes it easy to install them.

They feature a stainless steel construction that not only makes them sleek but also guarantees you of durability. They are Dyno tuned for maximum performance.

Flowmaster 817568 highlights

  • They come with hangers and connections
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Moderate tone

The Good (What I Like)

The muffler is not very loud, which makes it suitable for you if you like a unique sound but not a disturbing one.

The Bad (What I Don’t Like)

The moderate sound may not be loud enough for some customers

  • It is durable and has an elegant design
  • Has a moderate tone
  • The exhaust note is aggressive
  • It is not as durable as some other mufflers in the market

Why you need the Best Sounding Mufflers for V8 Truck?

Getting the right mufflers for your car is vital. This is because apart from providing you the sound that you desire, they also affect the performance of your car. You should, therefore, research and make an informed decision. You can consider the following points while choosing:

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Type of muffler

There are tons of mufflers available in the market. Each function differently to provide you with the sound you want. There are three main types of mufflers, all of which function very differently. These are absorption, cancellation, and diffusion. You should, therefore, make the right choice between the three.

Additionally, the type of muffler you buy should also depend on the type of exhaust in your car. A single exhaust car should mostly take a single muffler, and so on.

Evaluate your needs

As the mufflers function differently, they have different designs that have varying effects on your car. For example, some mufflers make your car loud and powerful while increasing your fuel consumption. Others are quiet but less powerful. You should, therefore, know what you need before deciding on the type you will take.

Buy and install the muffler

Before you buy the muffler, do your research and get one with a good warranty. This is because, just like many other parts, they can become damaged. Looking at customer reviews of your choice of muffler should help you decide if you are making the right decision.

It would also be helpful to get a professional mechanic to install the mufflers for you. The expert will advise you on the right mufflers and the best way to install them to satisfy your needs.

Factors to consider before buying the correct sounding muffler

As you buy mufflers for your v8 truck, you want to improve the overall performance of the vehicle and its appearance. You should, therefore, be on the look out for the following features as you make your choice:


As you buy your mufflers, you should ask yourself whether they will fit in your car or not. When you purchase the mufflers online, manufacturers will offer you a simple tool that will help you calculate and find out if the product is compatible with your car.

They may ask you for the model of your car, the year of manufacture, among other details that will help you work out the compatibility.

Your budget

As you search for mufflers to buy, you should ask yourself how much you want to spend. Mufflers are many, and they come at various prices. Spending more on the mufflers may not mean you are getting high quality. However, if you get one with high-quality components, you can be sure it will be durable.

Since the mufflers come at different prices, you should stick to your budget and get the ones you can afford.


The mufflers you choose should withstand high temperatures, corrosion, and rough roads. Most of the mufflers are made of stainless steel or aluminized steel. The aluminized steel is cheaper but may not withstand the harsh conditions like the stainless steel will do.

The sound you want

Some mufflers are extremely loud; others are moderate, while others are quieter. The difference in the type of sounds is brought about by the variance in design. 

If you want the louder and more aggressive sound, then you should look for mufflers that are glass packed. On the other hand, if you want quiet mufflers, then you can consider taking the chambered or the turbo design.

Fuel efficiency

As earlier mentioned, the type of muffler you choose will have an effect on your car’s fuel consumption. If you go for the powerful and loud ones, you may have to deal with high fuel consumption. On the contrary, you can decide to go for the quieter and less powerful ones and have low fuel consumption.

Professional advice

Not everybody knows how mufflers work and their mechanisms. You should therefore try and get your advice from a professional who is conversant with muffler matters.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sounding Mufflers

Can I install a muffler myself?

If you are a DIY fanatic and you have automotive skills, then you can do the installation yourself. However, some types of mufflers require welding. You should, therefore, get a technician to do the welding.

If you decide to do the installation yourself, you can follow the following steps:
First, ensure that your car is on a level surface and jack it up. Then remove the old muffler. The complexity of removing the old mufflers will depend on their condition. It may be a simple process or a complex one that will require you to use a hacksaw to cut the welded-on part.

After that, you should then install the new mufflers. Slip it into place and then use the muffler clamps to secure it into place. Finally, turn the engine on and listen to hear if the muffler is giving you the sound you were looking for.

Is driving without a muffler illegal?

Installing mufflers is a legal requirement in many states in the United States. As such, if you decide to drive without one deliberately, then you will be violating the law and being inconsiderate to the people who live around you.

How do mufflers work?

Mufflers work by altering the noise that your car produces. The way they work depends on the design you choose. A glass packed muffler will change the sound differently from a chambered one.
The mufflers work through various mechanisms that include cancellation, absorption, and diffusion.

Which muffler is better between stainless steel and aluminized steel ones?

The material you choose between the two should be one that can withstand high temperatures, corrosion, and rough roads. You do not want a muffler that will wear off on the highway after a short period of use.
Aluminized steel mufflers are usually less expensive, while the stainless steel ones can withstand the harsh conditions.


Different states in the United States of America have come up will laws regarding the installation of muffles. This is supposed to regulate excessive and annoying noise from the exhaust as well as irritating smoke. Driving without mufflers in these particular states is seen as a violation of the law and being inconsiderate to the needs of others.

On the other hand, some people like having a specific sound from their exhaust. They will fine-tune the engine and expect the exhaust to produce a corresponding sound. Some people want a loud exhaust, others a moderate or quiet one.

The type of muffler you decide to buy should depend on the type of sound that you want your car to produce. As you choose on the type of muffler to take, consider that they will affect your car’s performance, power, and fuel consumption.

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