A professional DIY enthusiastic don’t think without a best pneumatic staple gun. The pneumatic staple gun must have a gun with cartridge and trigger. It is most commonly used the tool in construction. It is fueled by compressed air which gives it the power to staple.

The staples come very fast and accurately so that this gun can staple on anything. Best pneumatic staple gun 2019 can staple on any surface. It is a high-performance tool. It tools utilize a turbine system.

The maintenance of this gun is very easy and low cost. So that anybody can afford it and it helps running cost low.

Review of Best Pneumatic Staple Guns in 2019

#1. Porter-Cable US58 1/4-Inch to 5/8-Inch 22-Gauge Upholstery Stapler:


This is best pneumatic staple gun within 100$. It uses standard senco type, 22ga. It can staple 3/8 inch crown staples from ¼ inch to 5/8 inch long.

It is light so the user can carry it easily. The size of this gun is small and it can fit almost any place. The nose of this gun is about 1 inch which helps to limited clearance fastening.

It has steel top so it doesn’t break easily. The gun is strong enough to bear any kind of load. The exhaust port of rear side channels air.

The cover of this gun is made for keeping away from oil off the gun. It has easy accessibility to clear the magazine. If the gun gets jammed user can easily fix that.

The weight of this pneumatic staple gun is 1.8 pounds. The height, weight, and length of this product are respectively 14inch, 10.5inch, and 3.2inch. This is the full size of the gun.

The color of this product is gray. It is air powered and it can staple anything in a high force. It is certified frustration-free and it has stood with it. It doesn’t need batteries to power up because it powers by the air.

  • Lightweight, so you can carry easily
  • Effective on any platform
  • Doesn’t jam easily
  • Easily Fixable
  • Can work as construction side
  • Cheap and Affordable
  • Good in design and quality
  • Galvanized metal
  • Ideal tool for any types of upholstery work
  • Easy to hold
  • Powerful enough to staple through the fabric
  • Lasts long
  • It is not a construction stapler
  • Staples are not big enough and thick
  • Can’t staple through hard and thick matter
  • It has no case
  • It has no box so things are hard to get together
  • Only for the general purpose
  • You have to buy the case which is around 10$

#2. Best pneumatic staple gun for upholstery: Surebonder 9615A, Upholstery Stapler


This is the best pneumatic staple gun at this price. It uses 3/8″ narrow crown. It has 22 gauge staples from 5/16″ to 5/8″ in length. The safety mechanism of this gun prevents accidental firing.

This can release staple quickly and it loads staples easily. The pressure operation of this product is 60 to 100 PSI. It includes a blow molded carry or a storage case.

This pneumatic staple gun is ideal for insulation, upholstery, house wrap, roofing felt and automotive vinyl. The capacity of the magazine is 100 staples.

It uses 300 series staples. It includes with pneumatic oil, wrench and carrying case. The part number of this gun staple is 9615. It is 3 pounds heavy.

The length, height, and width of this product are respectively 3 inches, 11 inches, and 9 inches. This does not run on battery. So you will not get any extra battery with it.

It has a compressor which helps to staple faster in the place wherever you want. You will get extra air compressor to operate this gun. The case of this staple gun doesn’t let it get oil on your hand.

It is pretty light and you can carry it easily. The staples can go upside down. The grip of this gun is very much handy. The case of this staple gun is strong enough to bear any kind of external pressure.

  • This is air powered tool
  • This works with no problem at all
  • It is very much easy to use
  • It can staple through layers to layers without any kind of difficulties
  • It doesn’t stop until it drops 40 PSI
  • It is not expensive and good for almost every work related to this gun
  • It works well with sure bonder’s 300 series staples.
  • There is an extra air exhaust knob on the back of the gun which helps you to point toward your hand
  • It can’t staple through hard and thick materials like metal and thick pipe etc.
  • It is little bit jiggling when you staples on anything.

#3. Best pneumatic staple gun for hardwood floors: BOSTITCH MIIIFS 1-1


It is the best staple gun for hardwood floors at this price. The price is a little bit high, but you will get the full satisfaction from this gun. This is used for flooring basically.

But you can use it for various purposes as long as you know how to use it. It has the high-speed capability to staple. It is mallet actuated operation based.

It is an extra wide composite based so that you will find it very easy. It has 420-inch pounds of driving power. This is an ideal stapler if you work with a ½ inch to ¾ inch wooden flooring no matter if it is finished or unfinished.

The weight of this pneumatic staple gun is 11.2 pounds. It is a little bit weighty but on the comparison of this gun, it is comfortable.

The length, height, and width of this product are respectively 17.2inch, 3.1inch, and 14.9inch. The color of this gun is available Bostitch gold and black.

It is air powered and it doesn’t need a battery. This is certified frustration-free. It includes the bare tool. It can staple on the floor without the help of a hammer or other tools. It staples quickly and comfortably.

  • It is easy to use if you are familiar with this types of the staple gun
  • It is effective on any platform
  • It is easily fixable so you don’t need to worry much about it
  • It can be used at the construction site
  • It has a good hand grip so you will get comfortable during using them
  • It is pretty much easy to hold.
  • Good design and quality
  • Price is pretty much higher than normal staple gun
  • It has no case with it
  • The nuts and bolts of this gun is little bit loose
  • Sometimes it has operating problem

#4. Best pneumatic staple gun for roofing: BOSTITCH RN46-1 3


 This is the best pneumatic staple gun of 2019 within this model and price. Though this gun is a little bit expensive, but it is best for its work. It has durable magnesium construction.

It comes with aggressive wear guards. It inserts carbide in the nosepiece. It has adjustable depth control. It comes with full round driver, magazine and body wear guards.

It has side load canister. It is lightweight and durable. The magnesium housing and carbide tips of this gun go for a long life. This has single action load on the side for fast and one-step nail loading.

This has adjustable shingle guide which is for quick shingle spacing. It is an ideal tool for exterior drywall, roofing, fiber cement application and insulation board.

This pneumatic staple gun has the ability to zero nail lockout. The performance of this nail gun is aggressively good. This is a must tool for builders, roofers, construction workers and anyone who is looking for long-lasting performance.

It has high capacity and quick load ability so you will find yourself easy and comfortable with it. It has the indication system when there is no nail or there is a difficulty during staple. The design of this nail gun is much comfortable and handy so you don’t feel any difficulties. This gun is easy in your arms.

  • It is well balanced and it is the lightweight gun
  • It has the ability to nail continuously without causing any trouble
  • It barely jams
  • You can fix it very easily
  • You can shoot 2 or 3 times at once
  • It can shingle out faster
  • Ideal tool for any type of work
  • It doesn’t come with male air supply
  • The price of this nail gun is much costly
  • Some users may find out problems during using this gun
  • It pushes you back when you use this gun
  • It has the cheap quality of a plastic model case

#5. Best overall pneumatic staple gun: WEN 61720 3/4-Inch to 2-Inch

WEN 61720 3/4-INCH TO 2-INCH

The pneumatic staple gun you can find is this one. It is cheap and handy. It is one of the best pneumatic staple guns 2019 you have ever get within 30$.

The fire brads from ¾ to 2 inches in length. It can operate at 60PSI to 100PSI with a ¼ inch NTP air inlet fitting. It has a lightweight aluminum body so that you can carry easily.

The weight of the gun is 3 pound. The hand grip of this gun is made of rubber for maximum comfort. It can hold up to 100 brands in the magazine.

It has a quick release. It includes oil, custom carrying case and two adjustments wrenches. It is very easy to use. Add your favorite air compressor and start working.

This is the perfect tool for any job site. You can always get help from the customer care of this nail gun company. The length, height, and width of this product are 3 inch, 13 inches, and 11 inches.

The size of this nail gun is 2 inch and it is air powered. So no need of a battery or extra electric source. It comes with a case. It can nail almost anything. The case of this nail gun is strong enough to hold this gun.

  • It is cheap.
  • It is durable enough
  • It has an aluminum body so it doesn’t break easily
  • It can hold up to 100 brands of nail
  • It is well enough to compare to other nail guns at the same price.
  • It needs a little tiny air compressor to run.
  • It provides you a good performance
  • Any types of nails are suitable with this gun
  • It jams often
  • The case of this gun cannot hold oil and it spoils the nail gun.
  • It has no way to adjust the power
  • There is no quick release option for this gun
  • If it jams, it needs 5 minutes to fix instead of 1 minutes

What to look for in a pneumatic Staple Gun:

  1. Hand Grip: Make sure that your pneumatic staple gun has hand grip. It must be made with rubber so that you will be able to hold it long enough without suffering any pain.
  2. Staple Size: You have to acknowledge about the size of staple size of a pneumatic staple gun. Because if the size mismatches with the guns actual staple size then you may face extra trouble.
  3. Ease of Use: Buy a pneumatic staple gun which suits you. If you don’t feel comfortable with it then there is no use of it.
  4. Durability: You must keep in mind the performance as well as durability of a pneumatic staple gun. You are not going to buy a gun every day, are you?
  5. Safety: Some cheap pneumatic staple gun has a technical issue which you should not buy. Because it may harm you in a very bad way.

A pneumatic staple gun is good for what type of job?

This tool is essential for anyone who does carpeting. Carpets are usually fixed by this gun. This gun is also used for upholstery projects.

The best pneumatic staple gun is able to staple through the fabric into the frame of the chair or sofa easily. Because this gun has high power shooting ability. So that pins get stuck easily to anything.

These guns are also used for decorating jobs. It can replace a door or window frame. People from carpentry projects get this tool very handy.

They can carry it anywhere so they don’t have to worry. This gun is very good for wood. Staple stuck easily on wood. Many construction-related jobs require this guns.

They use it for building structures like a bird house or a doghouse or whatever they want. It can hold small scale of projects. It is much strength to hold enough weight so that you can make any structure or frame without any worry.

A pneumatic staple gun is not good for what types of the job?

The best pneumatic staple gun can staple almost everything. But it cannot staple everything. It cannot staple through thick metal. It can’t make a hole through the good and thick pipe.

It is not good for installing carpet in your whole house. Because it might get fallen and it can’t hold that much. It is not suitable remodeling house.

It can do carpentry jobs but it can’t do the large scale of carpentry jobs. Because it is not made for that. It is very bad for installing fences.

Fences are meant to be strong and staples are not strong enough to hold them. You can repair home by yourself but you can’t repair major fatal with the help of it.

If you do, it could make it much worse. You should not use it as commercial applications. Because it is not suitable for this kind of work. You can’t use as an actual gun.

Final Verdict:

The Pneumatic staple gun is very much effective and easy maintainable tool. You can carry it anywhere. It can fit also at every place.

It can be fixed easily and no skill needed to fix it. You can find this type of gun very cheap and it lasts long enough. Nail guns do better work than a human hand.

It can staple almost anything. Most of the guns don’t run on battery. So you don’t need to worry about charging or having an electric source to run these. It runs on an air compressor which is pretty much cheap. It is a very handy tool.

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