At the end of your mache painting, what provides any paper mache design character is the method you use to decorate or finish it. There several ways to improve minutiae, and concluding touches on your paper mache schemes.

Whether mache mud or paper strip and paste utilized, someone can adapt unique procedures to suit your project. However, painting and finishing your paperwork mache ventures is an essential part of creating them appear beautiful.

To projects that someone did not spend much effort and time on, it can also appear high, depending on the look you are preferring.

Comparison of Best Paint for Paper Mache

Best for Overall
Creative Joy brushes vivid paint and Acrylic paint set
Creative Joy brushes vivid paint and Acrylic paint set

Features: 1. 12 Premium Acrylic Paint Colors 2. Six Essential Acrylic Paint Brushes 3. 100% Money-back Guarantee

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Best Value
Liquitex BASICS Acrylic Paint, 4-oz tube
Liquitex BASICS Acrylic Paint, 4-oz tube

Features: 1. 118ml tube of acrylic paint 2. Safe for educational use 3. creamy with satin finish

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Apple Barrel Acrylic coat, in miscellaneous colors
Apple Barrel Acrylic coat, in miscellaneous colors

Features: 1. Dries to a matte finish 2. non-toxic, made in the USA 3. Indoor use only

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Besides, here is the guide on:

How Does Someone Paint on Paper Mache


  • Acrylic paint
  • Flexbond or Gesso primer
  • Sandpaper
  • Paintbrushes
  • Any other sealant or Acrylic medium
  • Dropcloth or plastic cover
  • Scissors
  • Crepe paper
  • Wood glue, white glue, mod podge or wallpaper

Step 1. Sanding

In case you utilized the store-bought paper clay, you shingle it to even and form it after it has completely dried. Use a towel or broad brush to remove off the paper dirt when done.

Step 2. Use Primers and Smoothing compounds

Smoothing combinations like Flexbond and gesso are preferred to make an even polish on clay or newspaper mache strips before painting.

Put a diminutive Flexbond in a mug and thinned it with water, use the medium brush, and smear on the entire mask in even layer.

When the first coating dries, you can add a layer until the covers are as Even as you wish.

Step 3. Painting the projects

After primed and sanded, you can now color the paper mache whatever patterns and colors you love. Mix the paints to have your complexion, and then smear on the layer to cover the minutiae of the clay and newspaper. Use various brushes to bring more essential details.

STEP 4. Sealing

Once you have painted the schemes, you can offer them a unique finish by applying an attractive coat with some sealant.

However, for you to get excellent results in your painting. as a painter, there is a need to put the reviews of the top three models into consideration.

Review of Top 3 Best Paper Mache Paints

1. Creative Joy brushes vivid paint and Acrylic paint set

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I think acrylic paints are among the best in some paintings. They dry fast and can be combined easily and are moderately expensive. Here are the benefits of using acrylic paints.


  • Delivered with Six vital acrylic paint brushes- enjoy outlining and shading using the acrylic paint brush set with ease handles designed to fit small and large hands. To keep your brushes clean, you only required to wash them in water and stand them to dry.
  • They are delightful for projects- someone can eventually utilize these vivid acrylic paint on wood, canvas, fabric, paper, and many other surfaces. Experience the pleasure of acrylics paint by painting kits from creative joy.
  • They got twelve premium different acrylic paint colors. Lemon yellow, black, crimson, yellow ochre, white, red, cerulean, vermillion, burnt umber, viridian, burnt sienna, green are among the beautiful acrylic paint colors set for beginners.
  • Your money back is a guarantee- whenever someone is not wholly satisfied by the creative joy painting delivered set, you can comfortably return the brushes and art paints for a full refund of your cash. Look for your creative joy with acrylic paint.
  • Your art paint set contains- one dozen twelve ml (0.42 fl oz.) pipes of harmless acrylic paint; six different brushes with soft, malleable nylon bristles. The gentle Water based acrylic paints are EN 71 -3 ASTM D 4236 certified.

2. Liquid Basics Acrylic paint, alizarin crimson, 4- oz tube

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All the Liquitex paints utilize the highest quality pigment and pass through the same rigorous manufacturing procedure.

The only difference is that by basic, they use a lesser concentration of pigment than the professional paints, for the basics fine art pigments are milled and selected using the modern basket bead mill knowledge in the similar methods as weighty and soft body acrylics.

The pigments are grounded by tiny reinforcement ceramic beads to offer excellent color development, brightness, fine dispersion, and strength, before being added to the acrylic mixture.

However here are the benefits of the Alizarin crimson hue;

  • Retains brush strokes and peaks; ideal for studying color mixing and theory.
  • Creamy, thick with satin finish; virtuous pigment load
  • Intermixable with Liquitex specialized acrylic mediums and paint colors
  • Embraces 4-oz/ 118ml cylinder of acrylic paint
  • Conforms to ASTM D 4236; innocuous for learning use

3. Apple Barrel Acrylic coat, in miscellaneous colors

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Plaid has been producing crafts and arts, offering quality products that make crafting and art more fun and accessible. There are passionate about stimulating artistic expression in families, schools, communities, and individuals of crafters of all ages.

Besides, they care about being excellent source quality and responsible corporation, harmless crafting materials that are safer in day to day usage; the Apple Barrel is waterbased harmless AP specified formula delivered in satin, gloss finishes, and matte.


  • Used only indoors
  • Non-toxic, waterbased made in the USA
  • Desiccates to a matte finish
  • Use on canvas, wood, Styrofoam, paper Mache, paper, and many more.
  • Black Acrylic paint mostly preferred on general craft ventures.

Helpful answers to Best Paint for Paper Mache;

What kind of paint does someone use for paper mache?

Any paint can be used on paper mache, but almost all of the paper mache uses acrylic is because the paint dries quickly, and it is accessible in the market.

Which is better for paper mache glue or flour?

An excellent answer is a glue since it creates a better adhesive compared to the flour. Glue also is apparent and generates a better base for coloring the paint mache scheme later.

The glue-based paper mache is still improbable to mold or rod, not like the flour-based paper mache.

Does acrylic paintwork on paper mache?

The answer is simple; yes, I much recommend using Acrylic since this paint is waterbased, easy to use, and also non- toxic. It dries mat and keeps flexible when it is dried wholly, which avoids normal cracks.

Do you have to seal mache before painting?

The simple answer is no. You usually don’t have to do the sealing before painting. When painting the paper mache, then you are required to apply the color right after the paper mache is completely dry.


As a result, several types of arts vary in painters, paint styles, and subjects. Select your favorite conclusion paintings from thousands of accessible designs.

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