Nowadays, AR-15 platform guns are famous sporting rifles. Buffer is an essential component of a rifle with its spring and tube that serves a double purpose. To work with AR-15, you will need a buffer tube kit to improve the function of rifle guns. The best kit should have important accessories, including a compact pistol. These things allow you to work with AR smoothly.

The framework of AR-15 gas is different for each rifle. It is crucial to think about different parts when searching for a buffer for the custom form. For example, the weight of BCG, gas square, barrel length, size of gas port on the barrel, tube length of gas and type of ammunition. If you want to buy the best mil spec buffer tube, here are some essential things to consider.

Things to Consider to Buy the Best Mil-Spec Buffer Tube for AR-15

If you want to choose the best mil spec buffer tube, it is crucial to focus on the critical aspects.

Material of Buffer Tube

In the market, you will find buffers of steel, tungsten and aluminum. The aluminum is a lighter material as compared to steel or tungsten. Steel and tungsten are durable and dense enough to manage frequent use of AR-15.

Quality of Spring

Spring in buffer may impact the overall function of a rifle. These are available in different lengths; however, they have a similar diameter. Feel free to match a carbine spring at almost 10.5 inches and rifle spring at almost 12.75 inches. Use a spring having a lubricated finish or a smooth surface.

Buffer Weight

A person must find out details about the weight options of the buffer. Size chart for gasp port may vary, such as:

  • Heavy Buffer (H): It can boast a fusion of two steel weights and tungsten. It may weigh around 3.8 oz.
  • Carbine Buffer: It has three weights of steel and totals almost 3.0 oz. in weight.
  • H2 Buffer: Design of the buffer is similar to H buffer, and it weighs almost 4.6 oz.
  • H3 Buffer: It is similar to H and H2 buffer along with three tungsten weights. It may weigh around 5.4 oz.
  • Rifle Buffer: It includes five weights of steel and one steel spacer that weigh around 5.0 oz. 

Length of Buffer

The buffer length is an important aspect similar to the length of spring. Avoid interchanging carbine and rifle buffers because these have different lengths. Rifle buffers are long and fill additional space of AR-15 rifle tube. The lengths of carbine are suitable for a collapsible stock.

The 5 Best Mil Spec Buffer Tube 2020 Reviews

For your assistance, here are 5 best mil spec buffer tube. You can choose one of them after evaluating their features, benefits and drawbacks.

  • M16 Mil-spec Buffer Tube Assembly – Editor’s Choice
  • Ar-15 Carbine Buffer Kits – Complete Buffer Kit
  • Ar-15/m16 Mil-spec Buffer Tube Assembly
  • Ar-15/m16 Buffer Tube Assembly – Commercial Carbine Kit
  • Aero Precision Ar-15 Enhanced Carbine Buffer Kits

1. M16 Mil-spec Buffer Tube Assembly – Editor’s Choice

M16 Mil-spec Buffer Tube Assembly

Brownells M16 / AR-15 kit has all essential components to mount your butt of an AR-15 rifle. It is perfect for conversion of stock, such as altering a rifle for a particular rifle stock. You can buy it for secure installation of every rifle buttstock.

Every part is manufactured from the top-quality materials. It features impressive dimensional tolerances for perfect function and fitting. You will find it affordable as compared to several other options. The matte black finish makes it durable and beautiful. If you want to build your AR-15, it can be an ideal kit.

  • Six positions M4/M16/AR-15 receiver extension assembly
  • Featuring buffer tube, mil-spec receiver extension, castle nut/lock-nut, lock plate of the receiver, carbine buffer spring and carbine buffer
  • 3 oz weight of carbine buffer
  • 6061 aluminum and mil-spec diameter for buffer tube
  • 17-7 stainless steel buffer spring
  • Lack of castle-lock nut and end plate

2. Ar-15 Carbine Buffer Kits – Complete Buffer Kit

Ar-15 Carbine Buffer Kits

In the current era, semi-automatic firearms are available with over gassing. The outcome of over gassing (short gas systems) is more wear on internal elements and amplified felt recoil. To avoid all these problems, Aero precision successfully launched a buffer kit AR-15 carbine.

Numerous options are available in the carbine buffer lineup kit. Every kit comes with a specific mil-spec tube. It is designed from aluminum 7075-T6 and features a six-position buttstock with slots. The kit features a buffer spring, castle-lock nut and end plate.

  • Reliable and durable
  • Purpose-built for carbines and SBRs
  • Includes end plate, castle-lock nut, spring
  • Different available weights
  • Excellent worth for money
  • Convenient to install
  • May decrease recoiling

  • Difficult to use on long-barrel rifles

3. Ar-15/m16 Mil-spec Buffer Tube Assembly

Ar-15 m16 Mil-spec Buffer Tube Assembly

For changeable buttstock, it is an all-in-one kit containing mounting hardware. Fortunately, it is compatible with different mil-spec stocks. The kit has important parts to mount one stock assembly on a lower receiver. They use aluminum 7075 T6 in the construction of a buffer tube (six positions).

Mil-Spec is dimensioned with hardcoat Type III anodized finish. High-carbon, machined steel castle nut is treated with heat for additional strength. It features a phosphate finish for extra durability. Kit contains a standard 3 ounces carbine buffer and an action of carbine spring constructed with high-tensile steel.

  • Collapsible stocks support
  • Hardcore durability
  • Manufactured with high-grade materials in the United States of America
  • Purpose-built specifically for different carbine rifles
  • Excellent worth for money
  • Features castle-lock nut and buffer tube
  • Single weight variant
  • Not suitable for long-barrel rifles

4. Ar-15/m16 Buffer Tube AssemblyCommercial Carbine Kit

Commercial Carbine Kit

Brownells kit has essential components required to mount your preferred buttstock on a carbine or AR-15 rifle. It is ideal for conversions of stock, including shifting a rifle for a foldup carbine stock. All parts of this kit are designed from high-quality materials.

These parts feature a tight dimensional tolerance for suitable function and fitting. The commercial kit features 1.17” O.D and receiver extension six-position for universal buttstocks. A Mil-Spec kit features a 1.14” O.D., receiver extension five-position for accurate fitting of M4 carbine buttstocks.

  • Zero thrills upgrade
  • Affordable and reliable
  • Reliable brand
  • Less recoil
  • Prepared in the United States of America
  • Lack of end plate or castle-lock nut

5. Aero Precision AR-15 Carbine – Enhanced Buffer Kits

Ar-15 Enhanced Carbine Buffer Kits

Aero precision is a new enhanced buffer tube for AR owners. The company offers an exclusive kit with necessary buffers for a shooter. These are important for shooters to fine-tune their operating system of AR. This kit has a carbine buffer, H2 buffer, H3 buffer and H buffer.

All these buffers allow shooters to cycle through every option. You can work with the best pistol or rifle. The AR-enhanced buffer tube carbine features special highlights to improve the functionality of your gun. Carrier support extensions are included in the tubes. These can guide the bolt-carrier group in a tube after firing each round.

  • Avoids carrier tilt and decrease wear of main components
  • Support extensions can secure the retaining pin of the buffer
  • Drain holes to remove liquid quickly
  • A special ramped tube design
  • Accurate thread depth
  • Stock may not stick on different exposed threads as collapsed
  • Problem with long-barrel rifles

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to Install AR-15 Buffer Tube kit?

    Installation instructions for AR-15 buffer tube kit may vary. You can read the user manual of the buffer tube kit manufacturer as a guide.

  2. How Do I Choose the Right Buffer for My AR-15?

    You can read things to consider to buy the best buffer tube mentioned above to understand the selection criteria.

  3. Which Materials Are Used to Create AR-15 Buffers?

    Tungsten, aluminum and steel are common materials used in the designing of AR-15 buffers. Remember, aluminum is the lightest option because an average buffer weighs almost 0.22 oz.

  4. How Do I Ensure That My AR-15’s Buffer Spring Is Working Properly?

    You have to be careful about the performance of your Buffer spring. To ensure if buffer spring is working properly, evaluate your buffer and spring. Closely examine buffer spring after removing it safely. Measure the spring because it will become short after prolonged use.

    If your spring is short, you have to replace it. Remember, spring must be over 12 inches long in the rifle. For a carbine, the spring should be 10 inches long. It is not possible to interchange carbine and rifle springs. You have to count them separately.

    Make sure to avoid any shortcuts when studying coils because it may increase the chances of serious issues. The number of coils and length may be close enough; therefore, it can increase your temptation to interchange.  

  5. Why Do I Need to Replace My AR-15 Buffer Springs?

    Buffer spring will help you to evaluate the performance of AR-15. These springs play an essential role in guaranteeing that your AR-15 can fire properly. If a buffer spring is not working correctly, you may not be able to fire AR-15.


The buffer tube contains recoil spring and buffers for AR-15. It is a cylindrical housing of aluminum that acts as a mounting point for pistol brace or buttstock. Make sure to buy the best quality buffer that can handle the higher weight.

If you want the best mil spec buffer, you can consider the list five best mil spec buffer tubes. Evaluate these options based on the pros and cons of every buffer.

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