Almost every artist is familiar with the importance of high-quality illusion tools. It is quite frustrating for most artists to see their paintings fade away after drying out due to the low quality of colors or paper.

Copic Markers are well known and the best brand for delivering high-quality illustration tools. It is the first choice of designers and architects for industrial or fashion designing projects.

Copic Markers has been proudly supplying top-notch, durable, unique, and versatile products for the last few years. Once you have used their product, you will not face the need for going anywhere else to fulfill your paper or marker needs.

Their sole priority is to provide the best quality inks. Color markers supply unique alcohol-based inks for creating eye-catching artwork. Although Copic markers are vibrant and give desired results, they are of no use if your paper quality is cheap. You need to find quality papers to make the colors pop.

If you are tired of bleeding and fading colors, despite their high quality, then you are at right place. We tested some popular and high-quality products and have summed up their reviews. So, we will help you search for the best Copic marker paper pens. The following are the five best papers that complement Copic markers.

The 5 Best Paper for Copic Makers

1. Copic Markers 8-1/2 | Best Copic Markers

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Copic Blending cards are the best sheets for Copic markers. The perfect handling of alcohol-free inks and Copic markers makes it the preferable paper for most artists. They will give a professional look to your paintings and craftwork. When it comes to high-quality sheets, you can trust these cards blindly.

Unique blending cards by Express It has 25 sheets of blending paper. These bright white-colored cardstock papers are used for stamping and cardmaking. Unlike other papers that allow colors to give smear and blur spots, these cards are super blendable with minimum bleeding. The 8.5 by 11-inch blending cards are a little expensive. But their quality is worth spending that money.

Most cards fail when it comes to blending colors and detail work. But superb color blending for giving unmatched shadowing is its unique quality. If you want to do detail work, then these cards will be best for you. The papers have a silky and smooth texture that does not allow alcohol to leak through the paper. You no longer have to wait hours for colors to dry as you will get instant results.

It works perfect for drawing sketches, but when it comes to drawing scenery, you have to be a little more careful. Use dark colors with care, as the paper allows them to blend and dry out quickly. Copic markers and Blending Card by IT is the best combination in the architect and designing industry.

  • It is perfect for blending colors with paper
  • It works perfectly with alcoholic inks
  • The paper is a little expensive
  • It comes in only a bright white color.

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2. Bee Paper Bleedproof Marker Pad 11-inch by 14-inch

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Bee paper company is quite famous for supplying 100 percent cotton watercolor pads. They also manufacture 25 percent cotton watercolor journals and bleed proof marker pads. They are well known for giving the best quality at a reasonable price. Whether you want to use permanent markers or watercolors, bee paper company covers it all.

Bleedproof Marker pad is one of the best pads in the market so far. Although it works best with Copic markers, you can also use them with other alcohol-containing inks or even watercolors. Technical pens also work very well on it.

The results are fascinating with every kind of pen, be it a pencil, permanent ink pen, temporary ink pen or watercolors. But it is the best quality book so far for Copic markers. It has super smooth sheets that makes blending more easier. The hardcover of bleed proof marker pas is made up of 100 percent recycled paper.

As the name says, the papers are incredibly bleed proof. The paper does not allow colors to soak into it. Thus it maintains the original shade of color, without getting dull after drying out. The paper has a natural white color that makes colors to pop up. Moreover, the colors are long-lasting.

  • These paper are acid-free
  • Bleedproof marker pad is in the form of a writing pad., instead of single sheets. You can easily separate pages if you want to do painting or anything else. Or you can save you drawing or work in the pad.
  • These marker pads are available at a reasonable rate.
  • Smooth texture allows easy gliding
  • Sometimes the color bleeds through them
  • Not suitable paper for dark colors
  • Natural white color is not the preferred color choice of most of the people.

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3. Copic Marker XPBC 8.5-inch to 11-inch, Express blending card, white, 125 per pack

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Another top-rated and useful product of Copic markers is Express Blending Card. These high-quality cards are sold in a pack of 125 papers of size 8.5 by 11 inches. On account of supper smooth and silky texture of paper, these cards are popular among architects, designers, and painters.

In addition to their use in painting and designing, one can also use the home decor. These cards are the best option for you if you are interested in sewing, painting or other crafting projects as Copic markers are famous for supplying acid-free sheets.

These cards were designed explicitly for Copic markers, but due to effective results, one can also use them in inkjet and laser printing. Other cards do not give good results when it comes to laser printing. It allows the vibrant colors to absorb in the sheet instead of fading away. Thus, colors remain eye-catching even after a long time.

In order to lock the color in sheets, they weight 250 gsm. The acid-free white paper prevents it from fading away over time.

  • These sheets are compatible to work with inkjet and laser printers.
  • Colors do not peel away and give an eye-catching and vibrant look to the eyes.
  • This acid-free paper is safe for use by children.
  • In addition to vibrant loo of colors, it also allows them to be long-lasting.
  • It tends to make blending and detailing easy.
  • In order to make the best use out of these sheets, you have to learn several techniques.
  • Although the product is durable and top quality, it is expensive.
  • Colors do not dry out instantly, instead take few minutes for drying.

4. Copic Markers SKBK 9-inch by 12-Inch Sketchbook, 50 sheets, Wirebound:

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Separate papers or sheets prove very useful for painting. But if you are a graphic designer or an architect, then you must be familiar with the benefits of Sketchbook.

If you are looking for Sketchbook in different sizes, then you are at right place. Comic makers are well known for manufacturing high-quality sketchbooks in various sizes. One of its popular items is SKBK 9-inch by 12-Inch Sketchbook.

Unlike other products of Copic markers which are pretty expensive, this Sketchbook is available at a reasonable price. Due to wire binding on the left side, it provides maximum support while drawing. Artists mostly face stability problems while drawing on sketchbooks, but this Sketchbook is different from others as it stays flat.

Flat design and wire bonding make it easier for painters to sketch on it. If you are still a beginner and looking for comfort, then this product is the best choice you have.

The nine by 12-inch paper size gives you more room for painting or sketching. Another major problem that is faced by most people is that colors leak to the backside of paper or the next page.

But Copic markers make sure that their customers do not face this difficulty. The thick pages do not allow ink to bleed away. But do not try to load the paper with an excessive amount of ink.

Smooth texture enables you to do blending with ease. Seamless texture of papers also prevents ink from peeling away.

  • The smooth and velvety texture of the paper makes them ideal for blending by newbies.
  • Wire binding and hardcover makes sure to protect your work
  • The pages do not tear away because of their thick texture.
  • In addition to Copic markers, it also works with pencils.
  • It is available at reasonable rates
  • Although it works best with Copic markers, Other colors and inks sometimes bleed away.

5. Transotype Bleedproof Alcohol marker Pad, 50 sheets

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Another amazing product released by Copic markers is bleed proof alcohol-marker pads. Unlike other paper or sheets that only make promises and disappoint you later, these sheets work.

Transotype bleed proof alcohol-marker pads are available in a set of 50, containing traditional neutral white papers. The paper size is 8.5-inch by 11.69-inches. Although the paper is really thin and lightweight, they are one of the most bleed resistant papers so far.

When it comes to maintaining the brightness of colors, no other sheets or books are comparable to them. Unlike other paper that makes shades lighter after drying out, these papers enhance the intensity and vibrancy of colors. Use only one side of the paper if you do not want to ruin your work.

The inks dry out quickly. Thus, you do not need to worry about blemishes or smudges anymore. The smooth and silky texture of papers allows you to paint smoothly and gives you interesting results.

  • Sheets are highly resistant to bleeding
  • The colors do not fade away after drying.
  • Lightweight makes it easier to carry around
  • Blends beautifully with Copic markers
  • The paper is extremely thin. If you are still and beginner with paints and crafts, then this product is not recommended for you. The paper will tear away when it is in the hands of a newbie.
  • As the colors dry out quickly, so you do not have the option to undo your work.
  • Paper is not suitable for use by children or with pencils or erasers.
  • As the paper is thin, so you can’t use the other side of the paper.

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What is the Right Paper to Use with Copic Markers?

The type of papers you want for your artistic works depends upon the type of ink you are using and painting style. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced painter, we will help you in finding the best paper.
Look for following characteristics in the paper while purchasing one.

The thickness of the paper

The first thing that you must see in a paper is its thickness. The thicker the paper, the better. A thick paper will allow you to undo your work and make desirable changes, unlike a thick one. Moreover, the thick paper does not tear away quickly, so it preserves your artwork.

Bleed proof paper:

The papers should be bleed proof. Bleeding of colors is one of the most frustrating problems that is faced by most people. Bleeding of inks causes blotches of inks on paper. A thick paper is usually able to provide maximum resistance to the inks and bleeding.

The durability of Colors

Another essential feature that you must look in is the ability of paper to make Copic inks more durable. When you paint with Copic inks on cheap and low-quality papers, they usually fade away. Some paper also allows them to peel off quickly. A high-quality paper absorbs the inks within itself, thus making colors long-lasting.

Mobility of paints

Blending is an essential step in artistic work. If your paper is not able to give movement to colors to allow mixing, then get rid of it. You will not be able to do any artistic work on such papers, as blending is necessary for unique drawings.

Some papers absorb the inks right away, thus blending becomes more difficult. A good paper is the one that gives a few minutes to inks to allow mobility for blending. But those that take too much time for drying out are also not the good ones.

The smoothness of the paper

In order to use Copic markers with ease, your paper must have a smooth texture. Wrinkled and rough sheets will fail to enhance the beauty of your paintings. Moreover, Copic markers move with the flow on soft and silky papers, thus making painting easier.

Thus the right paper for Copic markers is the one that is thick enough to resist bleeding and drying of colors instantly. It must have a smooth texture to provide necessary mobility to colors.

Since Copic papers are designed explicitly for Copic markers, therefore they make the best combination with them. They allow proper blending, without bleeding and are thick enough for preventing colors from drying instantly.

The only problem with Copic papers is that they are rather expensive. A cheap print paper can also work quite well with these markers. Most people suggest using Marker papers, but actually, they are not the best choice as they usually fail to work.

Can you Use Copic Markers on Watercolor Paper?

Watercolor papers have soft fibers to give a watercolor look. Their natural white-colored fibers do not interfere with the color of your artistic work. They are coated and grained smoothly.

Despite the thin texture of paper, Copic markers do not bleed through them due to extra coating. Moreover, these papers can only work for expressing soft colors. But if you are planning to load them with real artistic work, then they work to be able to hold the colors.

These papers are smooth, so they absorb colors. Watercolor papers can work if you want them to work. If you can not afford expensive, Copic sheets, then it will be wise to go with them. Hotpress and bristol smooth watercolor papers give acceptable results with Copic markers.

But these papers also soak ink from Copic markers. If you want to use watercolors and Copic markers at the same time, then this is the best choice you have, because they do work. But if you are looking for an ideal paper for Copic markers, then it is a no. These papers have smooth finishing, which does not allow easy blending. Moreover, watercolor papers soak a lot of ink from Copic markers.

What is the Best Cardstock to Use with Copic Markers?

In order to get the best results, you must make sure to ensure the quality of three things. High-quality Copic markers, the suitable inks, and the best cardstock are key to getting desirable results.

If you are looking for a good cardstock, then you are at right place. Whether you are an experienced artist or a newbie, our guide will prove extremely beneficial for you.

Tight Fibers: Good card stock has fine lines and tight paper fibers. Tight paper fibers will allow maximum absorption of ink, without bleeding.

The smoothness of cardstock: A rough and wrinkled paper is only going to create more problems for you. So you need to search for a smooth paper, as it will allow you to move your markers with easy. Smooth paper is also needed for creating minor details.

Brightness: A bright white color of cardstock enhances the vibrancy of colors. You can choose any other color like natural white or dull white, but bright white color does not interfere with your work.

The best cardstock is the one that has all three qualities. One of our favorite and most popular cardstock is Copic Blending card by Express IT. These cards have an extraordinarily smooth and silky surface that allows the customer to add minor details.

The smoothness of paper also prevents scratching of colors. These thick and high-quality papers prove useful for stamping and Copic coloring.
Moreover, choosing the best cardstock is also linked with one’s personal preference. It will better if you 2-3 cardstock a try to find the one that complements your painting technique and markers.

How to Find the Best Papers for Copic Markers?

Our guide and list of top quality cardstocks are enough to allow you to get started. But some people have unique coloring style. So it will be better for them to test different papers in a struggle to find the best ones.

The things that you need to keep in mind while testing a paper is that the amount of color that bleed away, the smoothness of paper while rolling Copic markers. Moreover, you need to check the durability of the paper and colors. Follow our following guide in order to test papers by yourself.

Step #1: Gather your supplies

If you want to get the best results after testing a paper, then make sure that you use the same Copic markers that you mostly use while painting. Different markers work differently with different papers.

You need the following things for testing papers:

  • Samples of different types of paper
  • Light to dark color acopic markers
  • Shape for tracing
  • Pencils

Step #2: Drawing and filling in your circle

Use a lead pencil for tracing circle-shaped objects on all your tester papers. Now take a light or medium colored Copic marker and fill in the circle.

Step # 3 Examine feathering

Wait for it to dry for a few seconds. Now look closely into the paper. If there are any smear or blurred edges in the paper that crosses the pencil line, then the paper is not of good quality.
Feathering is one of the biggest problems for most artists. Choose the paper that passes this step.

Step #4 Flip the cardstock over:

Some card resists feathering but allowing ink bleeding through them. Flip the card to see if there is any ink on the backside of the paper. If the ink distributes evenly on the backside, then your card has passed the bleeding test too.

Step #5 Test the shading.

Now use both dark and light markers to the blending. Fill the circle with a lighter shade and use the darker color for blending. If the colors do not show any lines or streaks on paper, then it is the one that you need.


Although it is difficult to get a perfect paper that works with Copic markers, our tips made it simple for you. We have given you a head start for finding the best Copic marker paper. All you have to do is to figure out what you are looking for and what problems you face. After that, if you follow our simple tips and guides, then you will get your desired quality paper.

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