Best Bullpup Rifles

The best bullpup rifle is a firearm with its action and magazine behind the trigger, reducing overall weight and length but giving you full accuracy as other long barrel guns. Bullpup rifles are easy to use and handle.

They are smaller and more compact than the other types of long barrel guns but will change the way you use guns and rifles.

The bullpup rifles are designed under the federal law of the United States of America that allows a rifle with an overall length of 26’’ and barrel length 16’’. Many military and armed forces use bullpup rifles these days because they are more maneuverable lightweight.

They have a better balance that even beginners and weak shooters can handle it easily. Due to the compact size and design, the weight of the rifle is transferred towards the rear end, making the bullpup more maneuverable. You can even control it with your one hand only.

These bullpup rifles have been launched almost a century ago and are older than all other shotguns and rifles that are present in the market. They are just a re-arrangement of a regular rifle but provides the same accuracy as an ordinary rifle but better to operate than long barrels as they remain closer to the shooter during use. Few of the top choices are given below.

Comparison of Best Bullpup Rifles

  • ✅ Material: Polymer
  • ✅ Made in the USA
  • ✅ Model: 10/22
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  • ✅ MAKE : IWI US
  • ✅ CARTRIDGE : 5.56 MM NATO
  • ✅ CAPACITY : 30+1-ROUND
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  • ✅ CARTRIDGE : 5.56 MM NATO >
  • ✅ CAPACITY : 10+1-ROUND
  • ✅ BARREL LENGTH : 18″
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  • ✅ MODEL : AUG A3M1 (ACT)
  • ✅ CARTRIDGE : 5.56 MM NATO
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  • ✅ MAKE : KEL-TEC
  • ✅ CARTRIDGE : 5.56 MM NATO
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7 Best Bullpup Rifles Review

1. Tavor SAR-B16 – 18IN 5.56X45MM NATO BLACK 10+1RD

TAVOR SAR-B16 - Best bullpup rifle

The Tavor Sar Flat Top B16 is a very nice and reliable 9mm firearm. The Israeli Armed Forces use it, and the unit has a barrel length of 16.5inches. It is a semi-auto bullpup rifle with an overall length of 26.1 inches. The bullpup rifle has a caliber of 5.56 NATO rounds. The most important thing you will definitely like is it won the GOLDEN Bullseye Award in 2014.

It is a customizable bullpup rifle with a very high capacity magazine of 32 rounds. The chambers are very affordable and easy to find too. The Travo Sar flat top has not updated yet. It still has the old version.

This model is easy to access with either hand and comes without any iron sight. It has a full-length rail on the top and an angled rail on the side for attaching optics.  The barrel is capped with a flash hider.

It is the most suitable bullpup rifle as a home defense rifle, and the barrel is very maneuverable. The Tavor is good for tactical shooters but insufferable and problematic for precision shooters.

This bullpup rifle has an action and trigger behind its trigger group, which makes the rifle a little heavier on the rear end. But this bullpup rifle maintains the balance throughout its body to give a perfect shooting experience.

The primary and the most important feature to buy a bullpup is its size. This rifle is 2/3rd of the other long barrel rifles, and it has all the compactness in their package. The compactness doesn’t affect the accuracy of a rifle, though, but still matters in case you need a long barrel rifle.

  • Awesome design
  • Reliable fire frame
  • Suitable as a home defense gun
  • Plenty of rail space for attachments
  • Excellent barrel length
  • Magazine release catch
  • Emptying and reloading are slower
  • Heavy magazine release

2. IWI Tavor X95 – Best Bullpup Rifles

IWI Tavor X95 - best bullpup rifles

IWI Tavor X95 is the first bullpup rifle to build shooters’ interest in bullpup rifles. It is only a few years old and quite new in the American market. It has an 18-inches long barrel that is long enough to in a wide-open area. The barrel is capped with a flash suppressor. This rifle has an upgraded trigger pack. The new trigger has a 5-6-pound pull weight with a smoother movement.

The rail section is pretty long to attach optics and other attachments and accessories. But unfortunately, the rail section does not come with any iron sight. You will have to buy some iron sights on your own.

The Tavor X95 can take in AR-15 9mm magazines, which is another plus of this bullpup rifle as the AR-15 magazines are very affordable and easily available. All the long barrel rifles like this are available in the market are a heavyweight.

They are difficult to handle and carry around during operations and shooting. The Tavor X95 comes with a lightweight body making it easy to use and carry around not only for armed forces but also make the bullpup a beginner-friendly rifle.

This model is the easiest and the most capable bullpup rifle model to adopt. It is Top-End on the performance spectrum without much price. We can say it is the best blend of performance and price.

The old designs of this bullpup rifle has the ejection port on its side, which is suitable for right-handed shooters only. But, this feature can make the bullpup a difficult choice for the left handlers as the shell may bounce back on the face of the shooter.

Many bullpup new models these days like Tavor X95, are ambidextrous, which makes it easy to handle for both the left and the right-handed shooters.

The Tavor X95 has user-friendly controls, cool looks, shorter overall length, and modern design bullpup rifle. It has so many diverse and versatile features that make this the best bullpup rifle.

  • Versatile barrel and ambidextrous length
  • Automatic and semi-automatic designs
  • Plenty of rail space
  • AR-15 magazine release position
  • Button style magazine release
  • No iron sights included
  • The trigger is only okay
  • Flash suppressor rather than compensator

3. Steyr-aug-a3-m1 – High Budget

Steyr aug a3 m1
Steyr aug a3 m1

Steyr Aug A3 M1 223 is one of the oldest bullpup rifles among all. It is almost 40 years old. It is reliable and budget-friendly. This bullpup rifle is easy to clean and handle. It is also the most easily recognizable rifle in the whole world due to its amazing features and excellent design.

It has a 16 inches long barrel, which is shorter than the other bullpup rifle barrels. The shorter barrel delivers enough accuracy to use in outdoor competitions. Its barrel is fitted with Steyr’s flash hider, which is much better than the cage flash hiders of most of the other bullpup rifles.

The Steyr Aug A3 takes in AR-15 magazines, which is the best thing so far. The AR-15 magazines are not only affordable, but they are also easily available, whereas Steyr’s magazine is the expensive one.

Its Rail section is long enough to attach the optics and other goodies. This unit has a built-in foregrip. You will only have one forward grip option. Steyr is famous for its amazing and smoother triggers so this one is also with a smoother trigger than any other bullpup but not much smoother, a little better.

It comes with an auto adjustable gas system in case if you want to run the suppressor. This one is the true bullpup design which makes it the top choice of customers. If you want to buy a tried and tested bullpup rifle than this unit is absolutely for you.

This iconic rifle was first adopted by the Australian Armed forces and has been shown in many famous movies. It is a reliable bullpup rifle with great looks. This Bullpup rifle has to be held close to your body, so you have to stretch your other arm to support the rifle, which lessens the fatigue while using the rifle in the long run.

  • Easy to clean because short and sleek
  • Easy to disassemble due to good barrel length
  • Very reliable with no jamming
  • Auto adjustable gas system with AR-15 magazines
  • Foldable vertical grip makes it comfortable to shoot
  • The trigger needs improvement and has no built in external options
  • It is highly-priced and ergonomics is not good
  • Difficult to mount accessories because of Gas port near support hand
  • Limited after-market upgrades due to its feature of flash hiding

4. Kel-Tec_RDB

Kel Tec RDB
Kel Tec RDB

Kel-Tec RDB is the best rifle with the most reasonable price. It is suitable for both of the left-handed and the right-handed shooters. Its downward ejection system makes it safer to use and prevent shooters from standing sideways. The design is customizable and has an auto adjustable gas kit with it.

The bullpup rifle accepts the aftermarket accessories with ease. This unit has fantastic recoil compensation. It is the most renowned, easy to maintain, and the lowest priced bullpup rifle available in the market.

The Kel-Tec RDB shoots 5.6NATO rounds. It is ideal for practice sessions and self-defense. This unit has the most compact design, and the best part of the rifle is that it accepts AR-15 magazines, which are economical and are not hard to find at all.

The RDB stands for Rifle Downward ejecting Bullpup. Its ejecting port is behind the magazine, facing the ground, making it suitable for the left-handed shooters. Due to this ground facing ejecting port, cases from ejecting port eject down as low as 15-degree angle, which is an excellent proximity for a bullpup rifle.

It has a trigger pull of 5 pounds. The safety selector is ambidextrous, and the magazine release requires you to break your grip with your shooting hand. This stunning bullpup rifle comes in an extraordinary and incredibly simple design.  It requires minimal parts aiding proving to be the reliable one over time.

  • Good ejection mechanism
  • Auto adjustable gas system
  • Ideal for CQB and varmint eradication
  • Affordable price
  • Fixed rear sight with a compatibility for AR-15 rounds
  • The magazine seems cheap
  • A little heavy and its bolt travel is a bit longer
  • Magazine released needs to be improved

5. Ruger-10-22-bullpup


The High Tower Armory Ruger 10/22 is a bullpup rifle for those who want a bullpup rifle solely for training. This bullpup positioned magazine is incredibly compact. It is short and easy to handle because of its extraordinary features and design.

It comes with an overall length of 26.5inches, a standard 18 inches Ruger barrel, a flash hider, and a dummy suppressor for both long distance and short distance targets. With these all listed features, it fulfills all the requirements that a long barrel gun must-have.

The rail section is positioned on three sides of the sight mount for attaching the optics and accessories that come with the whole package of the rifle. It has a square peep sight which is good only for aiming the goals that reside at the short distances. This bullpup rifle also includes a brass deflector, which makes it easy to be used by the left-handed shooters as well as right-handed shooters.

Like all other bullpup rifles, this rifle also has a trigger which is not very smooth. However, it is perfect for casual shooting purposes. It is a super fine and a fun rifle which can be used for training purposes. This unit will require a Ruger 10/22 rifle to make it a functional bullpup rifle. It takes Ruger 10/22 magazines, which are easily available in the market at a reasonable price.

  • Takes Ruger 10/22 magazines
  • Dummy suppressor
  • Plenty of rail attachments
  • Brass deflector for left-handed shooters
  • Great after-market upgrades
  • The rail section can be covered when not in use.
  • Square peep is good only for short distances
  • The trigger is not very good and smooth

6. Kel-Tec-KSG

Kel Tec KSG
Kel Tec KSG

The Kel-Tec KSG is a fan favorite bullpup rifle. It is considered as the best choice in terms of the pump action. It comes with an 18.5inches long barrel. This bullpup gun has a 12-gauge caliber. It comes with an overall length of 26.1inches. It has a long enough rail to mount accessories and optics. It is an affordable bullpup shotgun with a very sleek design.

Some material used in manufacturing is not of good material and has low quality as well. Another problem is the shell ejection which might be discomforting and painful for some shooters.

The self-defense is a redefinition of bullpup guns. This model has enough attention to both function and efficiency has paid. It has two separate magazines and a quick switch between them.

Its maneuverability in tight, close-quarters makes it a perfect rifle for home defense. This model comes with the upper and lower Picatinny rails. The rail is long enough to attach optics, iron sight, flashlight, vertical grip, and any other accessories. It has an overall length of 26.1 inches, whereas the trigger power is 5 pounds. This compact bullpup rifle weighs only 6.9 pounds which is far less than many other bullpup rifles that are available in the market.

  • High capacity with downward ejection
  • Ability to switch magazines due to short length
  • Long rail for accessories
  • Nice magazine capacity
  • Awkward ergonomics
  • Difficult loading of shells with hard trigger
  • Reliability issues

7. Desert-tech-srs-a1

Desert tech srs a1
Desert tech srs a1

The Desert Tech SRS A1 is a world-class sniper rifle. This bullpup, bolt action, is known for accuracy and its compact size. It is a very effective sharpshooting rifle and as compact as a submachine gun. Its barrel length is 16 inches, which gives it the accuracy of long barrel rifles.

This unit is a great bullpup with a very incredible design. It takes many cartridges, which is its most outstanding feature. It has a short and cool compact design with more accuracy. It weighs from 10.55 lbs. to 11 lbs.

This bullpup has the best trigger among all. Its all components are very well built and function flawlessly. It comes with quick conversion kits allowing you to swap calibers within sixty seconds. Desert tech guarantees that the barrels retain their zero after the swap.

The desert tech has fully adjustable match-grade triggers. It comes with ambidextrous capability making it friendly for the left-handed shooters. It is a professionally tested and tried bullpup rifle. This wonderful bullpup rifle isn’t economic, but it’s a bit pricey.

  • Lightweight
  • Compact design
  • Takes in six different cartridges
  • Build-in back up sight
  • Most parts are plastic, make it slippery to hold
  • Pricey

Buyer’s Guide for the Bullpup Rifles

All the bullpup rifles available in the market are almost of the same design and operate the mechanism, however different in specific features and characters such as range, caliber, weight, and magazine capacity. They may also differ in terms of the association like different kinds of frames, etc.

Previously, some bullpup rifles had their ejection on a sideways, which made it difficult to handle for left handlers. But new models have eliminated this function, which makes the handling easy for both the left and the right handlers making the model the top choice you.

The bullpup rifles come with many designs and distinct features making them ideal in any condition and situation to use. But this variety may also create confusion in your mind to choose the best bullpup rifle for you. The following are the considerations to make before buying a bullpup rifle.

The bullpup rifles come with customizable accessories and installments. The feature makes the bullpup more versatile and adaptable. It allows you to mount extra accessories and make some changes in your rifle.

Because of customizability, you can customize your bullpup perfectly according to any situation, whether it is a targeted operation or a practice session. Aftermarket availability of accessories should also be kept in mind while buying a bullpup rifle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a bullpup rifle?

A bullpup rifle is the one that has its trigger and magazine behind the trigger group. The bullpup rifle has a reduced overall weight than other long barrel rifles but has the same accuracy and efficiency as the other rifles. It provides more maneuverability due to its compact design and used in compact quarter battlefields.

Are bullpup rifles better than other rifles?

The bullpup rifles are far better than the ordinary other rifles. They are lightweight, more maneuverable, and easier to carry and handle. They are used by the Israeli Armed forces and many other Armed forces and police, which is a very good proof of their reliability and compatibility.

What are the cons of bullpup rifles?

The significant cons and disadvantages of a bullpup rifle is its hard trigger. It needs the practice to get used to it. But still, it is not as smooth as the other rifles for us. This is the first and the last con. But many users also complain about their ejecting ports. The ejecting ports are very close to the face, and any malfunctioning may result in an accident.

How well-liked are bullpup rifles?

The bullpup rifles already have gained much fame and popularity due to their features and handling. All firearm enthusiasts love to have one bullpup in their collection. They have become the symbol of armed forces as most of the armies and police forces used them.

The fam game doesn’t end here, as the bullpup rifles have been shown in many movies too. These reasons are just more than enough to make people fall for the compact and stunning bullpup rifles.

Why is the IWI Tavor getting more love than any other bullpup rifle?

The IWI Tavor is getting more love than any other ordinary rifle because of its fantastic compact design and with more maneuverability. It has the most advanced features than any other bullpup available in the market.

It has more than three colors, shorter length, cool looks, and user-friendly controls make it more lovable than all others.


The bullpup rifles are great for compact and tight shooting places. They are capable of shooting accurately at short and long ranges. If you are a firearm lover, then you should consider buying a bullpup if you have not purchased one yet.

Every firearm enthusiast loves to have at least one bullpup in their collection. Bullpup rifles are famous for their sideways ejection.

The best bullpup rifle must have a perfectly designed ejection port so that the shells bounce back in the upward or backward direction. Therefore, we came with the list mentioned above of the best bullpup rifles available in the market.

So that you can choose one for yourself according to your needs and desires. We have listed all the best bullpup rifles from the best overall performance to the best maneuverability and best design.

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