Do you always know what is going on in your car’s engine? Monitoring all your car’s vitals is essential to get maximum performance and also prevent engine damage. Nothing can help you in this monitoring process more than gauges.

Many cars have gauges that are vague, inaccurate, or inoperative. To be able to monitor your engine properly, the best idea would be to install some aftermarket gauges. But what are the best aftermath gauges?

In this review, I want to provide you with information about the best aftermarket digital car gauges, their features, and specifications. This will ease your process as you make your choice.

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5 Best Aftermarket Car Gauges 2020- Reviews

1. AEM (30-4110) UEGO Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge

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An air and fuel gauge is an essential tool that you need to monitor your car and avoid future inconveniences. If you are looking for an air and fuel gauge, AEM 30-4110 is what you need.

The AEM gauge is small, easy to install and read. It comes with interchangeable faceplates in black and silver colors so that you can choose your most preferred one. This is one of the best aftermarket digital car gauges as it features a 0-5V analog output for use with data loggers. This makes it compatible with quite a variety of engines. You can, therefore, use it on your pick-up truck, SUV, and so on.

It also does not need free air sensor calibration. It comes with a 4.9 LSU sensor that removes the extra step of manual calibration. This makes the gauge ideal for experienced and new users.

The gauge is also very power efficient. It also has less energy consumption, which makes it environment-friendly. The gauge comes with an LED display and an LED needle that changes colors as AFR changes. This makes it easy for you to read the calibrations.

AEM 30-4110 air/fuel ratio gauge highlights

  • LED display
  • 0-5V analog output
  • 4.9 LSU sensor
  • Interchangeable faceplates

The Good (What I Like)

I like the fact that the air and fuel gauge is environment-friendly and power efficient. The fact that it is compatible with a wide variety of engines is also commendable.

The Bad (What I Don’t Like)

The gauge might be too sensitive sometimes.

  • It has a sleek and elegant design
  • Interchangeable faceplates allow you to use your favorite
  • It is environment-friendly
  • The gauge comes with all necessary components
  • AEM 30-4110 also fits in most gauge pods
  • The readings are accurate and easy to read
  • Users complain that the o2 sensor is defective most of the times

2. Equus 8200 2” Volt Triple Gauge Kit

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The Equus 8200 gauge prides itself on being lightweight, durable, accurate, and easy to install.

The kit comes with 1-1/2 inches, 2 inches, and 2-5/8 inch gauges and matching tachometers. It also has a white appealing dial face. Each instrument comes with black-lit illumination and offers you four popular colors to choose from.

The kit also comes with easy to follow instructions on how to mount the gauge. The instructions are in English, Spanish, and French languages. It also comes with all the hardware components that you require to install it on your vehicle.

Equus 8200 highlights

  • Simple mounting due to the rear twist—on mount design
  • Backlit display that helps you in night viewing
  • Aluminum bezels that make it appealing and lightweight
  • The gauge measures water from 130 to 280 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Oil: 0-100 PSI (270-degree sweep
  • Volt: 8-18 volts (90-degree sweep)

The Good (What I Like)

The aluminum bezels make the kit lightweight and appealing. It is easy to mount on your car and has an easy to read display even at night.

The Bad (What I Don’t Like) 

The water temp sensor is big and old fashioned, which may give you a problem while installing in a car with limited space.

  • The kit has an elegant design
  • It is simple to install
  • They have an easy to read display even while driving at night
  • The kit comes with all the hardware that you require, and it is compatible with most vehicles.
  • The water temperature gauge sometimes sticks

3. Mr. Gasket 1561 Fuel Pressure Gauge

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Mr. Gasket 1561 is your accurate and reliable fuel gauge monitor. It allows you to make necessary changes using the adjustable fuel pressure regulator.

The gauge reads in half-pound increments from 0 to 15 pounds. The fuel pressure regulator is compatible with every eighth-inch NPT female port. Additionally, the gauge features a white face with black numbers, which makes it easy for you to read. It also comes with a chrome bezel that accentuates the appealing look.

Mr. Gasket 1561 features a 270-degree swap.

Mr. Gasket 1561 highlights

  • Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
  • Chrome bezel
  • Whiteface with black numbers
  • Half pound increments from 0-15 pounds

The Good (What I Like)

The readings of this fuel pressure gauge are easy to read. The gauge is also easy to fit, and you can use it with many car models.

The Bad (What I Don’t Like)

The front bezel containing the glass face may sometimes touch the needle, making it get stuck and stop moving.

  • The gauge is easy to set up and use
  • It gives an accurate reading
  • The white face and black numbers make it easy for you to read
  • The chrome bezel enhances the sleek look of the fuel pressure gauge
  • It can fit almost anywhere, and it is compatible with any eight-inch NPT female port
  • Users complain that the gauge leaks. This may give you reason not to trust the readings from the gauge.
  • The leakage may also pour fuel on the hot engine, which can be disastrous.

4. Equus 7362 2” Fuel Level Gauge

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The Equus 7362 2” fuel gauge also makes it on our list of the best aftermarket car gauges. You can connect the fuel gauge to a remote speaker for alarms.

The gauge comes with a black colored face with white numbers. This makes it easy for you to read the calibrations. Also, the black and white color mixture makes the device appealing and adds a touch of class to your car.

The gauge diameter is 2 1/16 inches with a range from 0 Ohm to 90 Ohm. The sending unit for this gauge is mechanical, with a 90-degree sweep.

What’s more? The LED backlighting allows you to read the levels even at night easily.

 Equus 7362 highlights

  • LED backlight
  • Blackface with white numbers
  • 90-degree sweep
  • Mechanical sending unit

The Good (What I Like)

The Equus 7362 comes with a gauge and fuel sensor for single-engine applications. The fuel pressure gauge will show you the level of fuel in the fuel tank.

The Bad (What I Don’t Like)

It is a little challenging to install the gauge in some car models.

  • Has a sleek design
  • Easy to read the levels on the gauge
  • Gives you the level of fuel in the fuel tank
  • Users complain that the LED light is not advanced, the device does not connect to a remote speaker, and there is no sending unit included.

5. Auto Meter 6103 Cobalt Mechanical Boost / Vacuum Gauge

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When looking for the best aftermarket auto gauges, we cannot resist from mentioning the Auto Meter 6103 Cobalt Mechanical Gauge.

The gauge comes with a blue LED through the dial lighting that provides clear visibility even while driving at night. The gauge requires no electrical system for it to operate. Plus, it is compatible with all types of vehicles.

When you purchase the gauge kit, it comes with a 1/8 inch nylon line, vacuum fitting, compression fitting, and all the mounting hardware that you need. Additionally, you will get detailed instructions on how to set up the gauge.

The full sweep stepper and Audio gauges make this device stand out.

 Auto Meter 6103 highlights

  • Bright anodized bezels
  • Glowing orange pointers
  • Blue LED lights
  • No electrical system required to operate

The Good (What I Like)

The gauge readings are accurate, and it is durable even in the harshest conditions.

The Bad (What I Don’t Like)

The boost line is fragile and gets kink easily

  • Straightforward and effortless to install
  • The sleek look adds some class to your car
  • Clear visibility even at night
  • Comes with all the hardware you could possibly need for installation
  • The LED may be a bit bright at night
3 Gauges Every Turbo Car Needs | Must-Have Aftermarket Gauges

Why you need the best aftermarket car gauges

  • The gauge will help you know if your car engine is too hot and needs to cool down.
  • The oil pressure helps you to gauge the oil pressure. The higher the oil pressure, the better. If the pressure drops suddenly, you should turn off the engine immediately to avoid further damage.
  • The gauges also allow you to measure the amount of voltage your battery is putting out. If the voltage is very low, then some systems may not run properly.
  • Tachometers and speedometers will gauge your RPM and your speed, respectively.


Monitoring the vital components of your car will enhance the car’s performance. It will also protect your engine from damages and mishaps in the future.

You can pick one gauge from our list of the best aftermarket car gauges and drive around in peace.

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