The 10 Best Watercolor Paints for Professionals and Beginners

best watercolor paints

The term ‘Watercolor’ denotes a painting medium within which color pigments are bound, insoluble agents. Originally, these binders were animal glues or certain sugars, however today the quality substance is gum. a range of additives can be used (eg. honey, glycerin) to extend plasticity and make alternative effects. Watercolors area unit typically applied by sable … Read more

Best Watercolor Pencils To Buy in 2020 Selected By Artists

Best Watercolor Pencils

The best watercolor pencils might assist you to create different attractive watercolor works of the art even without using any paints. You can draw with the pencils on your watercolor paper as well as thick papers which can hold water. So, you could apply water by just spraying the drawing or by brushing this on. … Read more